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Next Week in Music | Dec. 21-28 • The Long List: 125+ Releases On The Way

Nope, it's not a joke — there's more music to come before 2020 is done.

2020 truly is the year that will never end. Just when I thought it was safe to put together my year-end list, here come another 125 albums, EPs, singles, anthologies, compilations, box sets and vinyl reissues. Will any of them make the final cut? Come back next week to find out.



Leo Abrahams / Shahzad Ismaily | Visitations Vinyl
Across The Water | Across The Water Vinyl
Al-Salaam Ensemble | The Sojourner Vinyl
Amazing Blizzard | I Should’ve Known
Apocalyptic Fear | Dawn of the Ritual + Decayed Existence
Atlas Losing Grip | Shut The World Out Vinyl
Audio Karate Space Camp Vinyl
Autograph | Buzz Vinyl
Babymetal | 10 Babymetal Years
Baekhyun | Amusement Park
Chet Baker | Sextet & Quartet Vinyl
Baseball Gregg | Indoors
Batushka | Черная Литургия (Black Liturgy)
Bestial Warfare | Desecrating Goat Assault
Lil Ned Bigby | Mixtape 2
Black Knights Of The NorthStar | Northstar On The Blackest Night
Borrtex | Harmony
Johannes Brahms | Violin Concerto Vinyl
Brother Firetribe | Feel The Burn Vinyl
Butterfield Blues Band | East-West Vinyl
Capcom Sound Team | Street Fighter III: The Collection Vinyl
Joseph Capriati | Metamorfosi Vinyl
Eddie Chacon | Pleasure, Joy And Happiness Vinyl
Sindre Bjerga Stuart Chalmers | Encanto Magnetico
Cheshire宮殿 | Tree
Chilly Uptown | It’s About To Get Chilly Vinyl
Concrete Castles | Escalation (Alternative Mix)
Con$piracy & Stainless ART | Illegal $kintone
Constant Sound | The Constant Sound Vinyl
Corrupted Saint | Mutilated Before the Masses
Karen Dalton | 1966 Vinyl
Deathblow | Insect Politics
Deuce Avenue | Death of Natural Light
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends With Eric Clapton | On Tour Vinyl
Dira Mortis | Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy
Don & Xl5 Spencer / Barry & His Spacemakers Gray | Fireball / Zero G Vinyl
Dundar The Barbarian | Sunset Manor: Images, Light, Elation
Ego | Predation
Einox | Another Meaning
Eito | Sukkarakan
Eleine | Dancing In Hell Vinyl
Elitimesfour | Interspace
Roky Erickson | The Evil One Vinyl
Emily Finchum | Morbid Curiosity
Flee Lord | In The Name Of Prodigy
Diamanda Galas | De-Formation Vinyl
Wojciech Golczewski | We Are Still Here Vinyl
Groove Killah | Warehouse / Three O’ Three
Gruppo D’improvvisazione | Nuova Consonanza Vinyl
Guess What / Porest | Al Khawarizmi / Hoyda Vinyl
Buddy Guy / Junior Wells | Play The Blues Vinyl
Nathan Halpern | Swallow Soundtrack Vinyl
Jason Havelock | Pop Symphony Vinyl
The Heartdrops | East Side Drive
Heaven Sent | The Greatest Love Story Vinyl
Bernard Herrmann | Marnie Soundtrack Vinyl
John Hicks | Steadfast Vinyl
John Lee Hooker | Don’t Turn Me From Your Door Vinyl
Harry Hosono | Medicine Compilation From The Quiet Lodge Vinyl
Harry Hosono & The World Shyness | Heavenly Music Vinyl
Harry Hosono & The World Shyness | Hosonova Vinyl
Harry Hosono & The World Shyness | Omni Sight Seeing Vinyl
Harry Hosono & The World Shyness | Vu Ja De Vinyl
Huntingtons / Darlington | Split Album
Illuminati Congo | Rainbow Body
Imperial Triumphant | Alphaville Vinyl
Implicit Doom | Cake
Waylon Jennings | Original Outlaw Vinyl
J-Haze | Heroin Habits 3
Ian Daniel Kehoe | Charging The Stones Reissue
King Khan | Christmas Time with The Khan Family Single
Lament Cityscape | The Old Wet
Tory Lanez | Loner
Lil Jrjgwejergaubt | Hey
Lionheart | Mary Did You Know Vinyl
Little Kid | Transfiguration Highway Vinyl
Locked In | Not Dead Yet
George Lynch | Heavy Hitters Vinyl
Mad Dogs | We Are Ready To Testify Vinyl
Henry Mancini | The Party Vinyl
Kevin Max | Revisiting This Planet Vinyl
¡Mayday! | Minute to Midnight 00:59 EP
Meridian Brothers | Cumbia Siglo Xxi Vinyl
Fumio Miyashita | Shion Sky Music Vinyl
Muni | Soma Vinyl
Nerdy B & Chelly Chell | Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Vinyl
Newton Brothers | The Haunting Of Bly Manor Vinyl
Ocean Moon | Crystal Harmonics Vinyl
Dustin O’Halloran | Piano Solos Vinyl
Opal Hush | Remote Viewer Vinyl
Original God | Suspiriorum Vinyl
Oto No Wa | Selected Sounds Of Japan (1988-2018) Vinyl
Paul & Mark | Quiet Water Vinyl
Phew | Phew Vinyl
Phalanx Inferno | The Age of Anti-Aquarius
Playboi Carti | Whole Lotta Red
Rustem Quliyev | Azerbaijani Gitara Vinyl
RX-101 | Ep 1 Vinyl
RX-101 | Hearts Utd. Vinyl
Seahawks | Secrets Of The Deep (Blue vinyl) Vinyl
Rogério Skylab | Os Cosmonautas
Sonus Umbra | A Sky Full of Ghosts
Nick Soole | The Head Hunter Vinyl
Taste | Brothers Vol, 1
Alexander Taylor | Hunter’s Moon Vinyl
Tender Leaf | Shores Of Makapuu / Coast To Coast Vinyl
Freddie Terrell / Soul Expedition | Freddie Terrell And The Soul Expedition Vinyl
38 Spesh | Interstate 38
Hideki Umezawa & Andrew Pekler | Two Views of Amami Ōshima
Unquiet Music Ltd | In The Name Of… (A Prayer For Our Times)
USRNM | 23
Various Artists | Age Of Worry Vinyl
Various Artists | Dies Natalis Invicti Solis
Various Artists | Jerry Horny: Jerry In Shape Vol. 2
Various Artists | Jugoton Funk Vol. 1 Vinyl
Various Artists | Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon Vinyl
Various Artists | Sex: Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die Vinyl
Various Artists | When Jah Shall Come Vinyl
Vein | Old Data In A New Machine Vol. 1 Vinyl
Vice Squad | Riot Grrrl Christmas Vinyl
Video Game Jazz Orchestra | Hang On To Your Hat Vinyl
Obie Wanshot | Híbrido
Dylan Warfel | Wasting Time
Warhorse | Warhorse Vinyl
Chris Webby | 28 Wednesdays Later
Jim Williams | Possessor Vinyl
Lyman Woodard | Don’t Stop The Groove Vinyl
Worm Shepherd | In The Wake Ov Sòl
Sibusile Xaba | Ngiwu Shwabada Vinyl
Ippo Yamada | Blaster Master Zero & Blaster Master Zero 2 Vinyl
Zutroi | Forgotten Shows