Indie Roundup | 37 Tracks From a Quirky Thursday

Grand Sbam, Revelino, Darling Boy, Live Skull and other acts who keep it interesting.


The Grand Sbam display more than a trace of insanity, Revelino take you to the movies, Darling Boy has your number (along with Andy Partridge’s), Satellite & The Harpoonist introduce you to Justine and more in your Thursday Roundup. If I had to sum up today’s entries in one word, it would be: Quirky.



1 | The Grand Sbam | La Trace

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Grand Sbam, a French bastard music ensemble, will release their new album Furvent on Dec. 11. The Grand Sbam embark with Furvent on a new journey in octet, to meet the wind and the natural elements, inspired by A. Damasio’s novel The Horde of the Counterwind and by the symbolism of the Yi King (I Ching). Carved in the continuous flow of sound, the music of the ensemble is a defluence, a circumvention, an inflection of air and time. An impetuous flow of sound defying musical boundaries. Nowhere between rock, contemporary music, ancient music, jazz, electroacoustics, it draws sharp lines and curves on the back of our disintegrating present. It plunges the listener into a familiar universe with an unpredictable future, caresses him like a soft zephyr and propels him straight into the eye of a cyclone.”

2 | Revelino | Don’t Lead Me Down

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Don’t Lead Me Down is the fourth single to be released from Revelino’s remastered debut album and bonus EP, out Friday. The band have a brilliant new video which features footage from I Went Down plus some band footage from the original video. Bren Berry, who edited the video along with Rory McDonald, said “We are beyond delighted & flattered that Treasure Films have given us permission to use footage from the movie in our new video and would like to express our admiration & gratitude to everyone involved with the movie especially the producer Rob Walpole and the director Paddy Breathnach. It really is one of the best Irish movies of all time.”

3 | Darling Boy | Golden Number

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Conjuring more indie alchemy, Darling Boy is back with the video for his irresistible single Golden Number. It finds the alias of actor, writer, and musician Alexander Gold applying his Midas touch for 3 ½ minutes of lustrous harmonies and vintage guitar tones … with a little help from XTC legend Andy Partridge. Inspired by a tale of fate, changing fortunes and finding yourself at a time when the odds are seemingly stacked against you. “I’d just been flown home from tour,” explains Gold, “in the Caribbean, of all places. Literally paradise on Earth: then the world went to pandemic stations and we were all boxed up and flown back to grey old London at a moment’s notice: A London so ghostly and unpopulated it felt like I’d never been there before. Along came Golden Number, which just sort of fell out. I really believe it was a gift — a sonic flat-pack of love and light. It gave me my hope back.”

4 | Satellite & The Harpoonist | Justine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Satellite and The Harpoonist are sharing the video for Justine, from filmmaker and animator Peter Ricq. “The inspiration for the video came from talking with Shawn Hall,” says Ricq. “We talked about many things but the idea of turning this video into a journey mixed with pop art really stuck out. In the end, the idea of everyone around me maturing, starting or having a family, there’s something that always stays, we are all dreamers and that’s something we can always take with us no matter where we go.”

5 | Live Skull | Day One of the Experiment

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “N.Y.C.’s Live Skull have shared a third track and accompanying video from forthcoming album Dangerous Visions, which comes out Dec. 11. Day One Of The Experiment is a new cut recorded live in Ravenna, Italy at Transmission XII, and the accompanying video includes footage of the performance as well as imagery shot en route to the festival. Mark C comments: “The song recounts a daughter’s discovery of her fathers’ lost airplane, years after his disappearance and reminded me of my father’s experience as a pilot in the air force, who survived his airplane getting shot down. Born as a rehearsal jam, and developed live, it’s one of the first tracks written collectively by the latest version of the Live Skull experiment.”

6 | Meg Warren | Wild Women

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Meg Warren launches her single Wild Woman. The track from her debut solo EP A Thousand Ways (out tomorrow) is a sonic self-reflection that acknowledges her evolution over time, with an illustrated visual by Stephanie Kuse. “I wrote this during a particularly dark time in my life. I was reflecting on how I used to be so strong, and bold, and I wasn’t afraid to put myself out there and take risks — but after leaving my old band, I didn’t believe I was capable of that anymore,”  Meg says. “It was hard to look back at old photos and videos of myself from that time. But the irony is that even just by sharing music again, I’m doing something I was afraid to do — and maybe that part of me isn’t as elusive as I once thought it was.”

7 | Kaky | Lundi Matin

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “French rapper Kaky has dropped the pumping new tune Lundi Matin. Nobody likes Monday mornings (Lundi Matin). In this track made out of glass sounds, Kaky depicts his morning routine as an endless journey of painful mornings in the Parisian metro: a child constantly crying, an old women starring at him, a smelly guy … this up-tempo track is released together with a good-vibes music video.”

8 | Tony Njoku | Death By Dimitri

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Fast-rising singer, songwriter and producer Tony Njoku is back to unveil his latest single Death By Dimitri. Adopting more of that genre-bending aesthetic he is getting known for, Death By Dimitri showcases the artist as one of the more diverse and adventurous artists working today. Taking influence from the trap-inspired hip-hop sound and combining it with a fresh and atmospheric production gives this new release a distinct and remarkable vision that sees him take his rich sound to a whole new level. Tony said, “This is a slow cruising trap influenced track about the enlightening qualities of intense psychedelic experiences.”


9 | Sol de Sangre | Dismal Blasphemies

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Colombian death metal act  Sol De Sangre will be release the EP Despair Distiller in early 2021. Today the band shares the first single Dismal Blasphemies, along with an accompanying video. The video was directed and edited by Sol de Sangre’s drummer Gonzalo Restrepo. “This time around we made no experiments, no mixtures, no fashions, no disguises, no gimmicks. This is a tribute to what was great and will be forever: Death Metal.”

10 | Beaten To Death | Flatulence of Emotions

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Norwegian grindcore innovators Beaten to Death have just unleashed a video for a song off theiralbum Laat Maar, Ik Verhuis Naar Het Bos. Titled Flatulence of Emotions, this track is also featured on the EP Laat Maar, Deel Een: Ik Verhuis Naar Mastbos, the first of a series of four EPS containing different versions of album’s tracks.”

11 | Blodivostok | Walking Into The Dark

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “We’ve been working on this band for the last couple of years. Our music is energetic/powerful electronic rock music with fresh hooks. Our band’s goal music-wise is to blend different electronic, pop and heavy music styles with a twist from trailer/film music. We also take influences from Post-Apocalyptic and Sci-Fi themes. We are an independent band, but our other projects have been signed also. Walking Into The Dark is the second single from our upcoming album.”

12 | George Alice | Teenager

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:George Alice delivers the single Teenager. Tired of being underestimated and dismissed, this indie-pop anthem is a call to arms for the youth during one of the most turbulent global climates in history. Alice says: “Every line has a different meaning and was somehow relevant in my life, the main one being the sarcasm behind the phrase ‘I’m just a fucking teenager’. I felt really underestimated in the music industry being so young, I know so many teenagers feel this way in the schooling system too, so I wanted to bring attention to it. I hope this song can be the making of more unique individuals and kids stepping out being who they are.”

13 | Laure Briard | Eu Voo

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Laure Briard reveals the first track of the EP Eu Voo: a single of the same name, accompanied by a video filmed in Spain and written and directed by Norma. “Laure has been my friend for years, and she has always inspired in me images, settings. I imagined her as an outlandish heroine in an American indie movie, tender and offbeat. I created a music video of my dreams, and I made for her bird wings, to fly far away from heartaches and pains of the soul, above the towns, overhead canyons, towards the blue horizon.”

14 | Ricky Butcher | Fuck The Shit 2020

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “2020 has been a non-stop rollercoaster of up and downs. One thing the era of Covid has produced is enough time to encourage creativity. This is where Ricky Butcher of Sons of Butcher fame comes in with his own release of the crassest album of the year Fuck: The Album. The idea was simple — write and record a hard-rockin’ comedy homage to the most popular and versatile curse word of our time while there was still government lockdown money to be handed out. Butcher adds: “Someone had to save this year from being a total wank, these are all hit fuck songs, crack a beer and a weed and listen to the whole fucking thing.”

15 | Nimrawd | Teacups

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Gamins, the first LP by Nimrawd, was released in early 2020. Now, just before this crazy year comes to and end, here is a video for Teacups, a song from the album. The piece was recorded using finger taps, live bass, and field recordings of a toddler talking about pianos and music. Watch it being interpreted by two ballet dancers here. Nimrawd is an electronic musician based in Montreal. He writes lo-fi instrumental music using live bass, old-school hip-hop beats and childhood field sounds.”

16 | Nils Frahm | Fundamental Values

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The forthcoming live album and concert film Tripping with Nils Frahm (out Dec. 3) is an illustration of Nils’s lauded ability as a composer and passionate live artist as well as the enchanting atmosphere of his captivating, and already legendary Funkhaus shows: An extraordinary musical trip — rare and exclusive, close and intimate, bringing a unique concert experience to the screen. “It was about time to document my concerts in picture and sound, trying to freeze a moment of this period where my team and I were nomads, using any method of travel to play yet another show the next day.” Here’s a preview of Fundamental Values.”

17 | The DamNNation | Parasite

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brazilian metal band The DamNNation have released another video — this time the title track from their recent EP Parasite. The DamNNation are a feminine power trio that presents a versatile sound that mixes several strands of extreme metal. Three insane girls making metal without labels, aware and consistent with themes about depression, injustice and politics. With influences from Testament, Megadeth, Nervosa and Kreator.”

18-24 | Volcanova | Live At Norðanpaunk

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Stoner-rock outfit Volcanova share a live set, performing seven tracks from their debut album Radical Waves. It was recorded and filmed in August for the Norðanpaunk online festival in the band’s home country of Iceland. With over 6 years of experience of playing together as a band, Volcanova are a joy to behold on stage. With explosive energy, palpable stage presence and with three members who all sing, they deliver a highly entertaining package of fuzzy rock. Live at Norðanpaunk is a must to watch for anyone longing for volcanic, sweaty live shows.”

25-32 | Nocturnalia | Full Acoustic Set 2020

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Nocturnalia have just released a live acoustic set recorded in their hometown of Linköping, Sweden. It contains eight of their favorite tracks from the three studio albums the band has released since their formation in 2011. These atmospheric versions of the songs highlight the band’s musical roots in traditional folk music and folklore storytelling. Nocturnalia released their third studio album III: Winter in November 2019. Much like previous albums Nocturnal (2013) and Above Below Within (2015), III: Winter is inspired by nature, mysticism, and pagan storytelling.”

33 | Balthazar | You Won’t Come Around

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Belgian art-poppers Balthazar share a second taste of their upcoming album Sand, with new single You Won’t Come Around. Previously slated for release at the end of January, the album will now be out on Feb. 26. The track is brimming with their signature cinematic instrumentation and pop melody. Balthazar’s Maarten Devoldere says: “Breakup songs come in different shapes. This one’s about the guilt you feel after you follow your selfish heart blindly into a new love.”

34 | Infected Humans | Killing Perservately Depressed

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “There is a new voice on the worldwide brutal death metal scene, a new guttural roar emanating from the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca. Infected Humans bring their own warped take on the heaviest of all metal’s many sub- genres and bastard children. These devoted servants of extremity are going to put their home country firmly on the death metal map when they unleash the maniacal, addictive insanity of Unexpected Traumatic Experiences! You’ll find everything you’d expect from a brutal death metal album forming the bedrock of the songs that make up Unexpected Traumatic Experiences, but you’ll find an array of wicked twists as well.”


35 | Komatsu | Call Of The Wolves

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hot on the heels of their new album announcement, Eindhoven supermassive rock unit Komatsu unleash the hypnotic, doomgazing entitled Call Of The Wolves. Rose Of Jericho is set for release on Feb. 5. Light meets heavy and desolation meets beauty in the nine powerful songs that make up this album. The sound of the album is a real mixture between stoner and metal, but with melodic and choral vocal lines — tempo and rhythm changes make the listener glue to the speakers until the last note of the album.”

36 | Julie Neff | Siren Call

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto indie-pop artist Julie Neff shares her single Siren Call, from her forthcoming EP Over It (out Jan. 27). Siren Call is about the magic of meeting someone while you’re travelling and the ensuing reality that hits when the trip ends and you try to intertwine two very different lives together. “I wrote and recorded an acoustic version of this song at the tail end of my first EP, Catharsis, but I always imagined creating a cinematic version of this song that really reflected the intense emotions felt in these situations.”

37 | 87 And The Toys | Georgia Governor Kemp

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:87 And The Toys have released their new EP Japanesy If You Pleasey, seven tracks which demonstrate the Portland trio’s affinity with off-the wall indie artists from from Violent Femmes and B-52’s to Daniel Johnson and Neutral Milk Hotel whilst retaining a magnificently quirky style all of their own. Georgia Governor Kemp is an almost surreally timed track about the Republican governor of Patrick’s home state who has demanded businesses such as tattoo parlours and bowling alleys open up just as the Pandemic spikes.”