Kevin B Klein Knows Wrong From Right In Latest Single

"My vision for the album was to recreate the sounds of the past that we all love.”

Kevin B Klein stands his ground in his new single The Wrong From Right — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“The vision I had while creating this song was about making choices in life,” the award-winning rocker says. “This song is about our free will. I wanted it to be rhythmic, primal, and edgy, and I wanted it to reflect the current world we live in: Relatable and powerful for all to enjoy.”

At the same time, it also reflects the power and attitude of old-school, guitar-driven rock — as does the rest of his aptly titled album They Call it Rock ’n’ Roll. “My vision for the album was to recreate the sounds of the past that we all love — those classic sounds of rock ’n’ roll — without emulating any other artist,” Klein says. “I wanted every song to have its own special character that captured the pure essence of the genre, and sound vintage but current at the same time.

“I had the title for the album before the title track was even written. It was also the last track we recorded; I finished writing it in my van in the driveway of the studio — GDA Productions in Annapolis, Maryland — while we were laying down guitar tracks. I didn’t want to rush anything; I wanted to create rock ’n’ roll magic, and I feel that was achieved.”

He’s not alone. Klein has won the Josie Music Award for Rock Artist of the Year (2017) and Rock Entertainer of the Year (2018), the Motor City Muscle songwriting competition for We Are Detroit, and opened for the likes of Tesla, Night Ranger, Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Everclear, Bullet Boys and more.

Check out The Wrong From Right above, listen to They Call It Rock ’n’ Roll below, and find out more about Kevin B Klein on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.