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Indie Roundup (25 For 25 Edition) | Leap Into Your Weekend With These Tunes

Hawksley Workman, The Mavericks, The Cowsills & more help get it started.

Hawksley Workman gets around, The Mavericks turn outlaw, Hazemaze welcome the night, Bad Wolves take it slow, The Stash give it time, Anti-Flag bring the hate and more in today’s Roundup. If anybody out there has seen my wife’s iPhone charger, let me know, will ya?

1 | Hawksley Workman | Around Here

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hawksley Workman premieres a video for his new single Around Here. The “silky, anthemic” track was written on the heels of his 2019 critically acclaimed Median Age Wasteland and features Canadian Jazz Fusion superstar Rich Brown who lends his incredible talent to the track with sweeping bass fills. A bankable left-turn from the prodigious artist, Around Here explores themes of celebrating long-term commitments and glorifying humility. Says Workman of the inspiration for the track, “It is a meditation on belonging and the dark, slippery moments when love challenges…when it slips from a feeling into work, into a mission statement of mutual truths.”

2 | Mavericks | Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way

THE PRESS RELEASE: “To celebrate their 30th anniversary and pay tribute to artists and songs that have been part of the journey, The Mavericks give us a brand new album called Play the Hits, an eclectic 11-track playlist of songs they cut their teeth on, all made famous by other people, now disassembled and totally reimagined in signature Mavericks style. One week out from album street date, The Mavericks have released their new video of Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way, the Waylon Jennings classic done up uptown style, with sass, swagger and horns. Says lead singer, songwriter and co-founder Raul Malo, “This song is forever tied to the Outlaw movement of the late seventies. But in time, it became much more than an anthem. It is the story of anyone trying to play guitar, and play their songs all over the world. It is OUR story. It is MY story. This video is a ridiculous representation of all the cliches you hear about ‘road life.’ We thought we’d have some fun with that, and we did! Where else can you shoot your drummer and get away with it?”

3 | Hazemaze | Shadow In The Night

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Stockholm heavy doom trio Hazemaze share a spine-chilling video off their devilish album Hymns Of The Damned, out Nov. 22. Shadow In The Night opens the gate of Hell by sailing into disturbing waters. Ghost vocals haunt infinite loudness and evil groove. This vintage footage reflects the whole abeyance and darkness of the best of 70s horror. Terribly delightful! Brace yourself as you’re about to hear Hazemaze at their darkest, most energetic and heaviest yet. The band is ready to take on the big league and are bringing the riffs the size of mountains, so get ready to be washed over with heavy, fuzzy riffs and low-ends.”

4 | Bad Wolves | Killing Me Slowly

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Breakout band Bad Wolves release their sophomore album N.A.T.I.O.N. worldwide. “With this album, we wanted to hone in, focus on our own material, and let that speak for itself, and I believe N.A.T.I.O.N. does that. It’s a more focused and mature version of what people have come to love of what Bad Wolves has become, appealing to both our metal and rock fans.” The Killing Me Slowly music video was directed by Nick Peterson on location in Los Angeles, CA. Lyrically, the song tackles the backlash of infidelity, and the consequences of when someone sets unbreakable boundaries, and in the end loses the thing they love the most, due to their own faults. It features actress Erin Sanders (Melissa and Joey, Guilty at 17) and actor and fitness model Kevin Creekman.”

5 | The Stash | Give It Time

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Beacon, N.Y., “future pop” savants The Stash have just dropped a new single titled Give It Time. Vocalist Christian Evanko says, “Give It Time is a song simply put about music, and the impact its made on my life. Music is by far the most important thing I have outside of family and friends, and prior to writing this song I had been wondering how to express that. Nothing is perfect, and often times things don’t go exactly as planned but the one constant that has always remained for me has been a love, and passion to continue to create music. I felt I needed to express my gratitude for these feelings and this was the way I knew how to do that.”

6 | Anti-Flag | Hate Conquers All

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Political punk icons Anti-Flag have just announced their brand-new album, 20/20 Vision, due out Jan. 17. To mark the announcement the band have shared 20/20 Vision‘s explosive opening track Hate Conquers All. Vocalist/bassist, Chris #2, provided further insight on the new song and video, saying, “Love Trumps Hate. On the surface, this well packaged, well-meaning sentiment does what it needs to… In the face of so much fear, inequality, and despair, it provides hope. I hope that the path that we’re on isn’t an endless one, but one that can be defeated. And honestly, I believe in the premise. That if you put love and positivity out into the universe it does combat negativity and it does come back or return, not always to us directly, but to someone. But the policies of Donald Trump and his administration are not just hateful. They’re racist, islamaphobic, homophobic, transphobic, and bigoted. It is a false equivalency. The language exists for a reason. Our focus should not only be on their hatred but their outward and unabashed fascism. We shouldn’t just try to kill these things with love and kindness. We should be in the streets daily, demanding an end to racial, social, and economic injustice.”

7 | The Addisons | Fake It

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Pop-punk band The Addisons from Chicago have released a new video for the song Fake It. The song was produced by Jeff Dean (Airstream Futures, The Bomb, All Eyes West) at Million Yen Studios and was released this month as a single. This is the first new music since the band’s 2018 EP Here It Comes Again and also the first featuring drummer Jesse Carmona formerly of Rockford, IL emo band God’s Reflex. The Addisons feature ex-members of bands like Not Rebecca, Tom Daily, Noise By Numbers, God’s Reflex, Dan Vapid and The Cheats and Smoking Popes.”

8 | Marshall Cecil | Soliloquy (Wouldn’t Feel Alone)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Genre-blending Danish group Marshall Cecil unleash their moving new single Soliloquy (Wouldn’t Feel Alone), alongside the compelling visuals. The poignant new cut takes the listener on a symbolic journey through frontman Daniel Abraham’s mind. Speaking on the track, the lead singer and songwriter explains; “it’s a self-examining conversation with myself that spins out of control and ends in a cathartic rap. It’s a song open for interpretation but for me, it’s about the relationship between excessive self-examination and loneliness.”

9 | McCall | Right?

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Between her honest songwriting and detailed proficiency on the guitar, McCall is the LA-based songstress quickly catching fire in the world of honest music. Following the release of her stirring single, Right? McCall returns to deliver the femininely sanctified music video to the track. A spiritually inclined figure concerned with matters of the soul, McCall was only 12 years old when she opened for Kris Allen and Hot Chelle Rae. Still navigating the wonders of early adulthood, McCall remains fearless in her left-of-center convictions and approach to music. With a resounding grasp on contemporary American issues, McCall is nothing short of an advocate for social justice affairs across the spectrum. Reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s visual parallel to Born To Die, this music video capitalizes on the recent release of her formidable Under The Reign EP. Amid sacred sunscapes and a hazy composition, fans are able to see McCall in her most raw form through the music video of Right?

10 | Pride & Glory | Machine Gun Man

THE PRESS RELEASE:Pride & Glory release a new music video for the track Machine Gun Man along with the brand-new, reissue of the self-titled album today. The video, compiled from live footage during the Pride & Glory years, depicts a young Zakk Wylde honing his distinct sound that becomes the hallmark of Black Label Society. Before there was Black Label Society, there was Pride & Glory. Known at the time as a Zakk Wylde side project, Pride & Glory and their debut S/T record would lead to what Berzerkers worldwide now know as Black Label Society. Pride & Glory was Wylde’s first self-fronted project, before releasing his first solo album, Book of Shadows, in 1996.”

11 | Northbound | Hurt Today

THE PRESS RELEASE:Jonathon Fraser, also known as Northbound, will release his debut album Soul Kiss on Nov. 22. Soul Kiss was recorded in Canada with producer Sam Guaiana (Like Pacific, Silverstein). “The album is an autobiography of the last few years of my life,” explains Fraser. “It opens with nostalgia, follows through with existential battles of heartache, and ends on a note of acceptance for who I’ve become and the life that has unfolded for me.” These ten tracks touch on everything from being young, happy, wild, and free (Very Long List) to wanting to be alone but feeling trapped, panicked, or uncomfortable in that position (Alone) to not feeling good enough in someone’s eyes (Tall Buildings) to waking up and knowing that today won’t be a good day (Hurt Today) to people not giving you a chance to show them who you are (Cool) to feeling worthless to others (Special). Fraser filmed the lyric video for his first single Hurt Today in his bedroom.”

12 | Pat Irwin & J. Walter Hawkes | Radiate

THE PRESS RELEASE: “It was like looking out at the sky in North Platte, Nebraska or something,” says guitarist/composer Pat Irwin. Believe it or not, Irwin is referring to Long Island City, of all places, a New York neighborhood and artist enclave nestled directly amongst several blocks of industrial buildings across the river from Manhattan — probably one of the last places on earth you’d expect people to even look up, much less draw comparisons to the vastness of the American West. But, much like the unusual urban vista that inspired its title, Wide Open Sky, the debut guitar-trombone-synth-electronics collaboration between Irwin and trombonist/composer J. Walter Hawkes, takes us to vantage points we wouldn’t get to appreciate if it weren’t for intrepid artists like Hawkes and Irwin thinking outside the box. Though Wide Open Sky is something of a descendant of the jazz duet album format, it also represents an intersection of two contrasting, at times even clashing, approaches to music. Pieces like Radiate, the title track, and For A Dance follow a trombone-guitar duet format based on pen-to-paper compositions. Others such as Automatic 3 and On the QT were borne of a more contemporary production method using instruments from Hawkes and Irwin’s collections of vintage/found and built electronics. Tracks like In Another Time fall right in the middle.”

13 | Locket | Hunnie

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto quartet LocketBrad Garcia [vocals, guitar], JJ Sorensen [drums], Cory Bergeron [guitars], and Travis Morrison [bass] just released their album All Out and shared the video for Hunnie. “Out of all the songs on the record, Hunnie came the most organically,” says Garcia about the song’s subject matter. “I wrote it with the intention of just saying all the things I’d want to remind my partner of — how I feel about her, why she matters — while she was living away from home undergoing recovery. It’s very straightforward, there are no frills. At the end of the day, it’s a love song, which is something I had to learn to feel comfortable writing so transparently, and I’m happy I did.”

14 | Courage My Love | Slow Motion

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian alternative pop-rockers Courage My Love have released their new single Slow Motion. Consisting of twin sisters Mercedes Arn-Horn (guitar / synth / vocals), Phoenix Arn-Horn (drums / programming / vocals) and Brandon Lockwood (bass / guitar), the trio’s new track was produced by Phoenix in the band’s home studio. Mercedes developed the concept and co-directed the accompanying music video. Mercedes says: “Originally Slow Motion was supposed to be a love song. At first glance, the lyrics are about noticing someone from across the room, being caught in the moment and falling in love at first sight. But I wanted to explore a darker theme that cuts a little deeper with the music video. I was inspired by a term used in addiction circles called “the pink cloud”, which refers to a phenomenon in one’s recovery process after a recovering addict detoxes for the first time and experiences this surreal, short-lived form of happiness.”

15 | nêhiyawak | tommaso

THE PRESS RELEASE: “This week sees the highly-anticipated release of nêhiyawak’s stunning debut album, nipiy, marked with today’s arrival of the music video for tommaso by Maskwacis, Alberta-based filmmaker Maria Buffalo. The song – which combines Marek Tyler’s momentous krautrock rhythm and the terrestrial beat of Indigenous percussion, Matthew Cardinal’s swirling electric melodies, and Kris Harper’s resounding vocals – is enhanced by Buffalo’s remarkably personal dedication to community. Songwriter Kris Harper says he wrote tommaso with the history of the European Renaissance in mind. “I felt like there is an incredible love story to be examined between Michaelangelo and Tommaso,” says Harper. “As well to point out to some of the realities of having the master’s work commissioned required the spoils of colonial exploits. For me the idea of having another indigenous artist (Maria Buffalo) visualize concepts knowing some of the back story of the lyrics in the music, but relating that to images of Maskwacis First Nation, the body, hands, and indigenous people; I could imagine an incredible juxtaposition. The story of the song deepens with additional perspectives working their own ideas into this piece.”

16 | Ice Nine Kills | Thank God It’s Friday

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In honor of the most haunting time of the year, horror-inspired metal outfit Ice Nine Kills have released The Silver Scream: Final Cut, a frightfully enticing deluxe version of their critically acclaimed chart-topping fourth album. Ice Nine Kills have also released a video stream for the new acoustic rendition of Thank God It’s Friday featuring none other than Ari Lehman, who first portrayed the immortal serial killer Jason Voorhees from the original 1980 iconic slasher film Friday The 13th. “I am honored to be singing alongside the amazingly talented Spencer Charnas on this track,” says LEHMAN. “Ice Nine Kills will captivate you with their virtuoso sound and compelling lyrics — Thank God It’s Friday has Voorhees power!”

17 | Kinley | Lightworkers

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and former Hey Rosetta! member Kinley releases Lightworkers; a stunningly beautiful ‘call to action’ song about preserving a great love between two of the songwriter’s dear friends. “I wrote this love song for my best friend Chrissy and her amazing fiancé Ryan. It’s the story of them meeting and falling in love and becoming engaged, but also a call to all the Lightworkers (A lightworker is a special person that some people believe has an almost psychic ability to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling or need, in order to heal.) to help Ryan heal quickly from his cancer diagnosis,” shares Kinley. “After a 14-hour surgery and many good vibes being sent to him, he has made an incredible recovery and they will be getting married in PEI at a later date!”

18 | Phil Campbell | Straight Up [feat. Rob Halford]

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Today, legendary long-time Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell has released his first-ever solo record, Old Lions Still Roar. To celebrate, the iconic guitarist has unveiled a brand new track, Straight Up, featuring the unmistakable vocal talents of Judas Priest’s Rob Halford! Phil comments, “The Metal God Rob Halford has always been an artist I admire. His distinctive vocals and stage presence have rocked millions of fans all over the world, so I count myself blessed to have written a rockin’ song together with him!”

19 | Fruition | Wild As The Night

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Portland-based roots-rockers Fruition have just announced the release of Wild As The Night, a 7-song collection of new music showcasing their honest song-crafting skills and individual musical talents in a blend that could only be forged from years of playing together. Available Nov. 8, Fruition’s Wild As The Night conveys the emotions of our darkest, and sometimes weakest, moments. The album’s first single, Wild As The Night, provides perhaps the album’s most beautiful moment, with vocals from Mimi Naja evoking the midnight grief of letting a relationship go.”

20 The Cowsills | Won’t You Be My Neighbor

THE PRESS RELEASE:Nashville Mayor John Cooper has issued a proclamation that October 25 is Mister Rogers’ Music Day. And, today, a newly recorded collection of Fred’s songs,  is available wherever music is sold or streamed. The delights of the album begin with the first track, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? performed by The Cowsills. In the words of Fred Rogers, “It’s such a good feeling” to know that Thank You, Mister Rogers – Music & Memories is now available.”

21 | Dead Ghosts | Drugstore Supplies

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian garage rockers Dead Ghosts have released the first single off their recently announced upcoming album Automatic Changer. The track, Drugstore Supplies, is an uptempo garage track with psychedelic undertones. A perfect blend of 60s and 90s wobbly garage power-pop. Formed nearly a decade ago in Vancouver, Canada, Dead Ghosts grew out of founders Byran Nicol (vocals/guitar), Drew Wilky (guitar), and Mike Wilky’s (drums) desire to hang out, listen to records and play music. After the trio uploaded a few demos to Myspace — this was 2008, after all — the group were offered the opportunity to release a single via a small Iowa-based punk label. The single quickly led to the group’s first full-length self-titled album. By 2015 the group had joined the Burger Records roster and released two more albums, Can’t Get No and Love and Death and All the Rest. With time the band added two members, bass player Mauricio “Moe” Chiumento and organist Craig Pettman. Playing a distinctive brand of swaggering, blues-infused lo-fi rock, the five-piece quickly won over transatlantic fans and scored fresh fodder for their lyrics with their punk-rock antics.”

22 | Wished Bone | Pink Room

THE PRESS RELEASE:Wished Bone, the folk project of Ashley Rhodus, began with borrowed instruments and broken tape machines in an Athens, Ohio basement called The Pseudio. Rhodus, plant biologist turned bartender, finds peace in viewing human behavior and emotion as organic and normal parts of nature; a flower opens up because it is meant to. Often accompanied by instrumentalist Wandering Lake, stripped down melodies float like a cloud atop Kupillas’ subtle drones, simple guitar licks, and clean drums. Have you ever heard the kettle whistle from the other room, just letting it sing for a moment, working out yesterday’s crossword in the late afternoon? If so, there’s a fair chance that the world contained within Wished Bone’s forthcoming record, Sap Season, will feel something like home.”

23 | Armnhmr | Silver Lining

THE PRESS RELEASE: “An airy production is highlighted by blistering synth drops and Karra’s breathtaking vocals to create Armnhmr’s epic ballad Silver Lining. Silver Lining marks the second single from the LA duo’s forthcoming debut album, The Free World, due to drop next year. The track details the all-too-familiar trope of trying to find resolve following the dissolution of a relationship. Karra’s pained vocals take the driver’s seat in this emotional rollercoaster with tonal shifts that bridge the gap between hopeful interludes and devastating drops. Catapulting onto the scene with full force, Armnhmr (consisting of Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella) are no strangers to attacking all spectrums of Dance Music. With masterful original productions and beautifully resonating remixes, Armnhmr has built a loyal following as well as received strong support and recognition from high profile artists throughout the industry.”

24 | The High Loves | Vampire’s Jaws

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The brainchild of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Noah O. Monckton, The High Loves are a Toronto-based indie rock four piece. Inspired by the eternal greats, this band is on a mission — to bring good, sensible, pop music to everyone you know; to be classic, and yet to be novel; to be at home near the world of conventional classic songwriting, and yet to not be alien to the world of experimentation. Their brand new single Vampire’s Jaws is out today. According to the band: “The song’s about how I feel trapped sometimes because of the overwhelming media that’s all around us these days. It’s discouraging because it often makes you forget what’s important to yourself. If you don’t slow down and take the time to question your beliefs and the beliefs of those around you you’re gonna get drained by the Vampire’s Jaws.”

25 | Most People | Breathe

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Formed in 2011, Toronto’s Most People infuse ‘80s and early ‘90s hifi pop to form modern indie-pop songs. Their recently completed album Call Me Up is in fact many things: a collection of soulful bedroom pop, ranging from slow-jam R&B ballads to new wave sing-alongs to sax-laden school-dance tracks. It’s a celebration of the influence of great “sensual” music artists of the ‘80s and early ‘90s and it’s a declaration of a new kind of sensitive, caring, empathetic masculinity, from a group with a genderqueer frontman. The new focus track Breathe and album are out today. “For us, this album has been a culmination of our nine years of working together. We pushed ourselves in every way; in the complexity of our song writing, the breadth of our collaborations and high bar we held in producing and recording it. We’re worked with Sydney Galbraith on every release we done in the past, and this time around was by far his best work as he helped turn our vision for an 80s hifi pop into a reality.”

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