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HotKid | Push Us Out: Exclusive Single Premiere

The Toronto dream-rockers deliver a riff-driven ode to hard times.


HotKid are feeling the squeeze in their shimmering new single Push Us Out — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The riff-driven dream-rock number is an ode to anyone who is struggling to make the rent, make the payments or find affordable housing — whether you are working multiple jobs, watching the CERB run out or facing down the collapse of your business or entire industry, this one’s for you.

“The chorus is kind of an anthem to those trying to hold the line in the face of unfathomable cost of living increases,” says HotKid’s singer-guitarist and driving force Shiloh Harrison. “Whereas the verses speak to finding beauty in the last moments of a beloved apartment or finding peace in the idea that our accommodations don’t ultimately define us.”

And while Push Us Out speaks to the moment, the troubled times that inspired it have already come and gone, says Harrison. “Push Us Out was largely written a few years back about facing eviction when you’re seven months pregnant, but it just never got finished. During the recent lockdown I sent the band some tracks to play on and I think the finished version is just as well suited to the challenge of again finding affordable housing during a global pandemic.”

Listen to Push Us Out above, hear more of HotKid‘s sounds below, and find the Toronto band on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.