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Tenise Marie | 10 Out Of 10: Exclusive Single Premiere

The B.C. singer-songwriter's soothing single will have you swooning.


Tenise Marie awards full marks to life’s misadventures in her reassuring new single 10 Out Of 10 — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

10 Out Of 10 is a reflection on the memories we characterize as “mistakes”; an invitation to embrace the past and use our narrative as a vehicle for change and growth,” explains the B.C. singer-songwriter. “It is also a celebration of the friends who love and support us in times of trouble. My New Year’s resolution was to dance more in 2020. For me, dancing signifies facing fears, shaking off insecurity to create a physical expression of joy and freedom. My intention with 10 Out Of 10 is to make people dance, even if they’re dancing alone in their homes.”

And they will be; between the soothing song’s gently strummed chords, jazzy folk-pop ambience and sublime musicianship — all in service of Marie’s warm, luminous vocal and clear-eyed, confessional lyrics — 10 Out Of 10 will have you swaying and swooning in short order.

That should probably be no surprise coming from Marie, a singer-songwriter who hails from the mystical forests of Argenta, B.C. On a foundation of acoustic guitar and soulful vocals, she builds her songs with vision and care, putting her own unique, honest spin on tales of life and love. A storyteller and traveller at heart, Tenise draws inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and the incredible people in it. Her adventures climbing mountains, riding waves, and watching sunrises inspire her enticing melodies and raw lyrics.

Tenise pours the campfire folklore of her childhood over jazz influences from her formal education, crafting an irresistible cocktail of calculated creativity, to be shaken, stirred, served on ice, sipped, and savoured all night. Listen to 10 Out Of 10 above, and get to know Tenise Marie via her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.