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Robyn Hitchcock | The Man Downstairs: Demos & Rarities

The idiosyncratic singer-songwriter digs into the vault for an album of outtakes.


THE PRESS RELEASE: “These songs were mostly recorded in 2013 as demos for The Man Upstairs. These tracks were recorded in Cardiff by Charlie Francis in his attic, and in many cases didn’t survive being re-cut with Joe Boyd in London when it came to session time. The concept for The Man Upstairs was that Joe and I make a kind of Judy Collins 1965-era album: half covers, half originals. That method has been extended for this limited edition outtake album.

MY TWO CENTS: Due to some really shitty circumstances that were totally beyond my control — and trust me, you truly don’t want to know — I had neither the time nor the brainpower to review albums this week. So consider this a recommendation, or a referral, or a heads-up, or whatever. That’s the best I can do right now. Regular programming will resume next week (assuming nothing even shittier happens). Thanks for your patience.