Plaza Lets You Know He’s Still Alive & Well

The ascendant Toronto R&B crooner delivers a seductive tale of late-night lust.

Plaza speeds back to an illicit late-night tryst in his lustful new single and video Still Alive — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With a blend of dark piano, synth hits and spacious vocals, Still Alive is the perfect soundtrack for cruising down empty boulevards late at night. Toss in lascivious lyrics about sexual obsession and the track — the latest single from Canadian R&B artist Plaza’s debut album Nocturnes — is nothing short of irresistibly seductive.

As the name suggests, Nocturnes is an album made for the night. It summons memories of love and heartbreak, of betrayal and the depths one can fall to while trying to avenge a shattered ego. “The album represents a rebirth after a long hiatus, and chronicles a desperate attempt to win back a former lover,” he reveals.

Plaza is a Toronto R&B artist whose passion for music blossomed in high school. Emerging from the rock scene after fronting local bands Decades and Lobby, Plaza embarked on a solo career. Mixing downtempo, ambient soundscapes with floating melodies, his first EP One quickly accumulated millions of streams, and attracted the attention of Drake and his OVO Sound label. After signing with Warner/OVO, Plaza released his second EP Shadow, followed by a string of singles, including the standout track All Mine.

Watch Still Alive above, hear Nocturnes below, and follow Plaza on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.