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These Cali proggers don't foget to bring the rock. And a truly amazing band pic.


Classic prog never gets old. Not even when it sounds as old as this ’70s throwback outing from the California foursome known as King Gorm. Thankfully, amid all the swirling keyboards, intricate rhythms, narrative lyrics and spaced-out weirdness of their self-titled concept album, they don’t forget to bring a hefty dose of rock. Plus they’ve got one of the most awesome band pics I’ve seen this week (below). And let’s face it: A glittery body suit with an conspicuously stuffed crotch is also something that never gets old. It’s good to be the King. And to hear the King.

THE PRESS RELEASE:King Gorm is a rock band based in San Diego, CA, comprised of members of Old Man Wizard, Beekeeper, and Grim Luck. The album tells the story of four heroes on their quest to save the land of Irondale.”