Clark Graham Is About To Scatter Like Ash To The Wind

The Canadian singer-songwriter comes to the end of the road in his latest single.

Clark Graham fears he’s not long for this world in his haunted and haunting new single Ash To The Wind — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

An old-school country-folk waltz roughly hewn from brushed drums, ringing piano chords, mournful violin, ghostly harmonica and somberly strummed acoustic guitar, Ash To The Wind lazily drifts past like the last smoke puff from an extinguished candle. Meanwhile, Graham’s world-weary delivery and lyrics pack all the finality and fatality of a deathbed confession — whispered at the end of a life spent chasing a dream that remained stubbornly out of reach:

“My soul tumbles on, like an old cigarette
Faded and worn like the years
My eyes are filled with blood and regret
Too old to fit all my fears
Can you take me back to the good old days?
Raise up a glass to my friends
I’ll take what I have and fade to the black
I’ll be gone like ash to the wind.”

“This song is for anyone who’s committed their life to what they love most,” he says. “Looking back on hour journey and the inherent sacrifices that come with pursuing your craft to the fullest.”

Clark knows a little something about chasing a dream. After honing his musical skills at a young age in the Vancouver music scene, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he quickly made a name for himself as a dynamic performer and songwriter, performing extensively throughout Southern California and becoming a resident figure at the marquee folk venue The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

He now resides back in Vancouver, where the prolific artist has recorded five albums in the last two years out of his own studio. Ash To The Wind is the lead single and first preview of his upcoming seventh album Last Train To New Orleans. Due in May, it’s a country and folk-inspired record filled with roaring energy. Graham calls it his best effort yet.

Check out Ash To The Wind above, sample more music from Clark Graham below, and find him at his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Photo by Wendy Dyk.