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Rob Taylor | Out on the Lake: Exclusive Video Premiere

Rob Taylor weathers life’s storms in the lyric video for his latest single Out on the Lake — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

“I wrote this on the Kooteney Lake 20 years ago,” the B.C. singer-songwriter recalls. “The old man we rented the cabin from warned me to not take the weather for granted as I set out with paper and pen, paddle and canoe.

“While out on the lake, thunderclouds appeared in seconds, wiping out a perfectly sunny afternoon. I could hardly make it back to shore and had to wreck my vessel upon a jutting of rocks before the wind took me further out into the bay. It was a horrendous storm that passed suddenly and left me soaked, gasping for breath and staring at a rainbow – grateful that my life was spared. I picked some huge huckleberries on my way back to her. It’s kind of like a love/worship song.”

Out on the Lake is the latest single from his recent Passionate Crime album, a disc that arrives fashionably late in the Vancouver artist’s career. For more than 20 years, his versatility has made him a perfect fit for everything from clubs, festivals and conventions to concert halls and theatres. His talent has been a vital contribution to various health and wellness organizations, community groups and counseling services.

But it wasn’t until he found the perfect producer that Rob was able to bring his songs to life. A friend from his youth, Stew Kirkwood from Soundextractor Studios in Edmonton, rose to the task to help make Passionate Crime a culmination of work that Rob has incubated for the last decade. The recording process took a year of collaboration, with Kirkwood on instrumentation and effects, utilizing both analog and digital techniques to create the nuances heard on this new CD.

Watch Out on the Lake above, listen to the rest of Passionate Crime below, and catch up with Rob Taylor via his website, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram:

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