Ayumi Anime | Demon: Exclusive Video Premiere

The singer-songwriter takes a walk on the wild side in her dark new single.


Ayumi Anime confronts her inner Demon in her latest single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

“This song is about myself, my inner voice, my subconscious,” says the Ukrainian/Korean singer-songwriter, Penthouse cover model and former erotic model. “This song is experimental for me, ‘cause the style is more dark than light. I just fell in love with the beat, caught the flow and wrote the song which I definitely like. Demon is dark, but quite emotional track and I’ve decided to make a simple lyric video so people could better feel the vibe.

“This video was shot by me and my boyfriend without any scenario, right in the forest close by. It was -1° outside and I was almost naked in a summer Balinese jumpsuit and boots. I actually even wanted to shoot barefoot, but then my boyfriend said that I’m insane and it’s a bad idea. I actually still don’t believe that I’ve released this video and probably it’s not the best time for any music due to the hard time with COVID-19. I hope this new sound will make people smile, may be even sing.”

Although a relative newcomer in pop, Anime has released several cover videos and singles on YouTube. She used to interact with her fans though her Instagram and now, she’s learning how to interact through her songs. Watch Demon above, listen to it via your preferred DSP and keep up with Ayumi Anime via her Instagram, YouTube, website and Twitter.