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Alice Bag | Sister Dynamite

The L.A. punk pioneer rejoins the party with a firecracker of a disc.

It’s a good week for fans of old-school L.A. punk. First we got the surprise release of X’s Alphabetland album. Now their old contemporary and Decline of Western Civilization co-star Alice Bag has also rejoined the party. And she’s come armed with scrappy firecracker Sister Dynamite, her third album of the past few years and a disc that handily lives up to its handle. Boasting a dozen potent punk nuggets and empowered anthems for a new generation of alienated youth, underground activists and disaffected idealists, this is essential listening for fans of Sleater-Kinney. And while you’re at it, cross your fingers for new albums from Fear, Circle Jerks and Black Flag to complete the Decline discography.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Her third solo effort, the album marks a thrilling return to the full-throttle punk that Alice Bag pioneered with her legendary first-wave punk band, The Bags. An unbridled celebration of community and the undeniable power in embracing your own truth, the collection confronts some of the most pervasive problems troubling our world today: unchecked privilege and willful ignorance, systemic inequality and fragile masculinity.”