Must Be The Latest Endearing Video For Electro-Pop Artist Mauve

The Toronto electro-popster shares another single from her Palette EP.

Love comes out of the blue in Mauve’s new video for Must Be — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“Sometimes love can come to you unexpectedly,” says the Toronto electro-pop singer, explaining the inspiration for the latest single from her Palette EP. “I wrote this after thinking back in awe at how suddenly the emotions can come to you. It just changes everything from night to day. Suddenly everything you once saw as dull and grey is now beaming and bursting with light, and that’s because this startling feeling of love has popped into your life.

“This song represents that extra boost in your stride and the never-ending smile you get on your face due to the elated feelings of love. And it’s not just talking about love in the relationship sense — it can be the love you get through the birth of a child or through accomplishing something you never thought would be possible. It’s about that innate sense of joy that you feel comes effortlessly to you, which to me is the sign of true love.”

A rich voice in a small frame, Mauve grew up inspired by theatrical performances before turning to her piano; from the age of 14, she has worn her heart on her sleeve as she has learned to play and write her own songs.

“I have always been a lover of all forms of art, because to me there is no limit for what can move and inspire somebody,” she says. “Of course, the musical form of art is what stuck with me the most, but visual arts is another form that can express emotions through colour and shape. I see sound as having the ability to express feelings and connect people through the different colours of tone as well. When creating a song, it is like you are an artist with a paintbrush, combining different colours together and layering them to set a scene for someone else to imagine. It’s like you are painting, but with sounds.”

And with Palette, she has completed her first self-portrait. “I feel like this new collection of songs is an embodiment of different emotions and experiences, like the different colours you experience in life. I hope to create an expression of music that people can visualize, and evoke different feelings from, just as a painting would. I am not one to create a song that is dull or meaningless to me, so that is why I want all of my work to feature splashes and pops of colours that spark life and creativity to those who are listening.”

Check out Must Be above, listen to Palette below, and keep up with Mauve via her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.