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The Alligator Wine | Demons Of The Mind

Guitars? This German psychedelic blues-rock duo don't need no stinking guitars!

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Vintage Rock duo The Alligator Wine proudly announce their debut album Demons Of The Mind. The Alligator Wine take you to a psychedelic journey into a dark yet groovy space. Inspired by early ’70s music, horror movies and fashion those two guys from the Black Forest pump out everything from creepy dark tunes to ’70s disco grooves. But The Alligator Wine manage to merge their deep spaces and distorted grooves into supercatchy and great songs that can spice up any party or funeral! And the coolest part: It’s only two people and there are no guitars at all! They just need a Hammond organ, a Moog bass, drums and a lot of weird effects to create their unique sound. If you wanna hear the Kraut version of The Doors or some Led Zeppelin-like riffs played without any guitars, here’s your chance!”

MY TWO CENTS: Two German psychedelic blues-rockers armed with just keyboards and drums? There are countless ways this could and should suck. But Rob Vitacca and Thomas Teufel somehow manage to find the way it doesn’t. The secret to their success? A slate of punchy, propulsive retro-rockers loaded with muscular, Jon Lord-inspired Hammond lines, thundering grooves, darkly bombastic vocals and big choruses that keep you from noticing the lack of guitar-hero antics. Down the hatch.

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