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Primo noise-rock delivered with searing instensity — and Krautrock mesmerism.

Primo noise-rock propulsion delivered with searing instensity — with a hefty dose of Krautrock mesmerism — from some North Carolina weirdoes. The next time your next-door neighbour is partying until 3 a.m., crank this up full blast at 6 a.m. They’ll either be hammering on your door begging for mercy — or begging to know who it is.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Dislocation is the new album from Nest Egg. Dislocation carries on where Nothingness Is Not A Curse left off, only more so. Sic more humming tracks of cacophony. Nest Egg’s music builds, ebbing and flowing, searching for its own space. Peaks and troughs, lefts and rights, highs and lows, noise and silence. Nest Egg deals in Krautrock wizardry. Songs are built upon repetition and drone, all sheltered within a hive of buzzsaw guitars and analogue synths. No sound is wasted, space is the place, songs will evolve and grow for as long as they need to. There is organisation in chaos. ‘Mood music for nihilists’ indeed. Nest Egg was formed in 2011 and hails from Asheville, N.C. The line-up consists of: Harvey Leisure (guitar/vocals), Ross Gentry (bass/keyboards) and Thom Nguyen (drums). The band has honed its sound on the live circuit and Dislocation is the follow-up to 2018’s Nothingness Is Not A Curse LP.”