Roland Roberts Knows Life Is All About The Timing On Debut Album

The Americana singer-songwriter strikes Yukon gold with his heartfelt tunes.

Roland Roberts makes the most of a golden opportunity with his debut album, single and video All About The Timing — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I walked into Old Crow Recording in Whitehorse, Yukon on a cold, snowy January day,” the Alaska-based singer-songwriter recalls. “I’d only brought a bag of new songs and an acoustic guitar, and had little knowledge of what the outcome would be. What happened next, though, was pure gold.”

Rooted in a classic country sound, All About the Timing, Roberts’ 10-track debut, also reveals hefty helpings of American folk, Delta blues, and bluegrass for good measure. Meanwhile, his thought-provoking lyrics and commanding vocals usher listeners on a journey through vivid landscapes and poignant stories of personal growth, lost love, and more.

“I explored the self-realization of what these experiences bring,” he says of heartbreakers like Beautiful Soul and Don’t Tell Me Goodbye. “There’s a mix of upbeat stories, as well,” he adds — like Picture on the Wall, a song about growing up, and Sittin’ In Nebraska, a ditty about getting stranded by Mother Nature.

Add Nebraska to the list of many places music has taken him; Memphis-born, Alabama-raised and Colorado-grown, Roberts is now a staple in the ever-flourishing Alaskan music scene. After recording in Whitehorse and settling in Hatcher Pass, Roberts soon made acquaintances with bassist Alvin Fernandez, drummer Matthew Wallace and multi-instrumentalist Matt Faubion to form The Roland Roberts Band.

Check out All About The Timing above and find out more about Roland Roberts via his website, Facebook and Instagram.