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Boomtown Rats’ Citizens of Boomtown Tops Today’s Album Announcements

Get ready for the first new studio album in 36 years from Sir Bob Geldof and co.

You don’t like Mondays? Trust me, they don’t compare to the Wednesday I’ve had. But at least it seems kind of fitting that The Boomtown Rats chose today to announce they’re about to release their first album in 36 years — Citizens of Boomtown, which arrives March 13. Tell me why, you ask? Good question. And one frontman Sir Bob Geldof was happy to answer in a statement: “Because that’s what bands do. They make records. Songwriters write songs. There’s so much to respond to in this new and different febrile atmosphere that we live in. People forget we took our name from Woody Guthrie, the great musical activist. I think The Boomtown Rats have always shown that rock ‘n’ roll is a form of musical activism. The music has intent and purpose even if that is just the sound, about boy/girl, nothing particularly at all, everything in general, or pointed polemical…. whatever.” Can’t argue with that. Here’s something else you can’t dispute: The Rats aren’t the only act to announce a new album in the past day or two. Scroll down to see the rest — which includes everyone from rapper Royce 5’9″ to Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon — and visit the Upcoming Releases page to see the entire slate of imminent (and not-so-imminent) arrivals. Don’t blame me if the silicon chip inside your head gets switched to overload.

December 20

Murray Wilson & Snow | The Break Away EP

January 17

US3R | Millennial Blues

January 24

Mor Elian | Clairvoyant Frog
Royce 5’9″ | The Allegory

January 31

Randall Bramblett | The Meantime 10th Anniversary Edition

February 7

Wolff Parkinson White | Favours

February 14

Cindy Lee | What’s Tonight to Eternity
Non La | Not In Love

February 21

Shady Nasty | Bad Posture EP
Wrekmeister Harmonies | We Love to Look at the Carnage

March 6

Burning Witches | Dance With the Devil
Leya | Flood Dream
Teho Terado | Ellipses dans l’Harmonie
Worriers | You Or Someone You Know

March 13

Boomtown Rats | Citizens of Boomtown
Dozer | In The Tail of a Comet Reissue

March 20

Dozer | Madre De Dios Reissue
Dozer | Call It Conspiracy Reissue

March 27

Brain Fallon | Local Honey
MGMT | In the Afternoon / As You Move Through the World 12″ Single

May 15

Moses Sumney | Græ