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Albums Of The Week: Fews | Glass City

The Swedish post-punks darkly intense, relentlessly propusive affair makes you feel like you've been chugging espresso all night in an underground club as stobe lights blaze.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Sweden-based multi-national post-punk quartet Fews have returned with their third album Glass City.

Starting with nothing but the ambition of creating something “punky and simple,” Fews started to experiment with producer Joakim Lindberg. Leaving behind the comfort of production polish and resisting the urge to compromise for the sake of accessibility, Glass City is unashamedly honest, defiantly raw and represents Fews at their bracing, brutal best.

The single Yoga Instructor is the album’s opener and an acerbic statement of intent. Singer Frederick’s harrowing account of endlessly pacing his 14 metre-square apartment whilst sleep evades him is backed by repetitive, pecking guitar hooks and constant, pounding drums. The pressure builds until the inevitable, inescapable release of tension; amid the delightful dirge of buzzsaw synth sound and gut-punching bass weight, Frederick’s characteristically wry refrain ‘not even yoga can fix this’ resounds as a tongue-in-cheek smirk in the face of today’s wholesale commodification of well-being.

Fews might be older and their inspirations and intentions may have changed but thankfully, the band’s indelible urge to make a whole lot of noise has gone nowhere. Pushed to breaking point, Glass City captures Fews emerging from the other side; reinvigorated, free, and fantastically furious.

Hailing from Sweden, America & England, Fews have built a fearsome reputation for their intense, immersive live shows, touring across the U.K. and Europe with the likes of Pixies, Fat White Family, Bloc Party, DIIV and Crack Cloud.”


Photo by Tobias Widman.