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Albums Of The Week: Silver Lake 66 | The Space Between Us

This Portland Americana duo charm you with their personable, lighthearted approach.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Silver Lake 66’s third album The Space Between Us has the distinction of being written and recorded during a dark and unprecedented times with wildfires burning, a pandemic raging, and mass protests persisting near their home in Portland, Oregon. Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo recorded most of the album in their basement studio and worked remotely with coproducer Bryan Daste as well as the other musicians that added their talents to the project.

The duo’s reaction to the one of the most uncertain times in American history is an album of emotionally raw genuine performances, and remarkably strong songwriting with the result being songs that cut close to the bone. The songs reverberate with the tension of an anxious world, but also showcase a playful sense of humor which provides balance even in dark times. This is a record that reflects the emotions we have felt over the last couple of years, the fear, anger, frustration, reminiscing about past times and hopeful for times to come.

Working with Daste, who also mixed and played pedal steel, gave Jeff and Maria the opportunity to stretch their roles as instrumentalists, with Jeff adding lap steel and dobro to his usual guitar repertoire. Maria, who had played drums in several bands previously, dusted off her sticks and played drums and percussion. The bass was handled by Toupee Zehr, who played on the other two Silver Lake 66 albums. In addition, several of Portland’s finest musicians contributed to the album, which included Jenny Conlee-Drizos (The Decemberists) on piano and Kyleen King (Brandi Carlyle) on violin and viola.”