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Indie Roundup | 25 Fine Finds To Finish Off Friday

Get an early start on the weekend with Bird Streets, Hempolics and plenty more.


Bird Streets say thanks, Re:Funk hail Santa, Hempolics share a surprise, Miss FD gets vague and more in today’s Roundup. Hope you like metal, female vocalists and holiday songs — for some reason, there are a lot of each today.

1 | Bird Streets | Thanks For Calling

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bird Streets, musical alias of songwriter John Brodeur, has announced the premiere of Thanks For Calling, the delightfully creative new video from his eponymous debut album. The stop-motion animated clip was designed and brought to life by Colleen and Tom McWatters, collectively known as Theater of the Absurd. Thanks For Calling follows the artist and his band on a wild journey across the sky with the help of some feathered friends. In addition to a hip-shaking Brodeur, the clip features likenesses of purple-suited album producer and collaborator Jason Falkner, plus Bird Streets live-band alumni Seth Ondracek (Mother Feather) and Benjamin Lecourt (Bebopalula, Denny Laine) — along with one of 1970s cinema’s most perplexing characters. Brodeur says, “Thanks for Calling is a true story. I went out with this young lady a few times, and I quite fancied her. But the line went dead. She stopped returning my calls. I assumed it was a done deal until, after weeks of silence, she called to tell me she’d been seeing another guy, and that they were ‘kind of a thing’.” From there, the song pretty much wrote itself.”

2 | Re:Funk | 24th/7

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Have you ever thought about how Santa feels when he goes through all that trouble just to bring us a few hours of joy? I mean, he does work all year around for a few hours of satisfaction and then goes back to work right after that because we demand him to do it… thinking of it, have you ever thought how overpopulation is affecting his schedule and the work environment for those poor little elves?! I mean… they do all the hard work… do they get minimum wage? Is there a pension plan in place for them? Do Elves even get older or what? I imagine they might get sick every once in a while… do the get sick days or have some sort of medical insurance? Does it cover dental? ‘Cause I mean… all that candy…Right! The song! Sorry about that…The point is: we thought about all this and the result of that thought process is an unfiltered stream of consciousness from the big guy in red himself aka Santa Baby. Don’t take it too seriously though… or do if you want, it’s up to you! Just know that we made it because, looking at how the world is going right now, we thought that these were words that really needed to be said. And we also hope you’ll enjoy it. But that goes without saying (but we said it nevertheless).”

3 | The Hempolics | Full of Surprises

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Hempolics return with Full of Surprises, the first single from their forthcoming second album Kiss, Cuddle & Torture: Volume 2, planned for release in April. “Musically I wanted to make something completely different to Boss Clock Me Style, which was one of the singles of our debut album,” recalls Grippa Laybourne about what he defines as a “dark, winter Portishead trip-hop meets dub track but with Nubiya’s pop vocals.” Expanding on the production of the song, the renowned mixing engineer and record producer explains, “we used synth bass instead of live bass to create an even darker, dirty sound. Bass leads the way on the track,” he strongly declares.”

4 | Miss FD | Vagaries

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Dark Electro Pop songstress Miss FD releases the music video for her song Vagaries off her album Transcendence. Shot at The Historic Harris House, a Victorian home in Los Angeles, Vagaries follows Miss FD on an eerie journey.The music video was masterfully directed by acclaimed photographer and video director Tas Limur.”

5 | While She Sleeps | Fakers Plague

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Ahead of Sheffield sons While She Sleeps’ biggest headline shows to date in January 2020, the punk-spirited metal band have released a visceral new single Fakers Plague. The track addresses the rampant deception and fakery that we are faced with daily on the internet. With it comes a holographic music video experience that the band launched in true Sleeps style at an undisclosed underground location near their self-renovated warehouse space in Sheffield last night. Says Sean Long from the band: “This song is a celebration of the end of an extremely difficult personal time within While She Sleeps. We all had a lot of anger building up within us and it was amazing for us to come together and express it through music. Everyone in life has a beautiful side and an ugly side, it’s how we all react and deal with these polarities of life that makes us human. No one is perfect and we certainly aren’t. Let’s embrace it together.”

6 | Korpiklaani | Jägermeister

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Finnish folk metal heroes Korpiklaani have released a killer video for their new track Jägermeister, shot at their recent New York show. “As our recent North American tour began, we were discussing making a new video and Jyrki (The 69 Eyes) recommended Vicente and he was a perfect fit. At the time we did not even know what song to use and then we remembered we never released Jägermeister as this was recorded during the Manala sessions. We contacted Vicente and found out that he had free time the day we had our last show in New York. He flew out to NY and then filmed around Times Square, backstage and during the show. Now it is time for your favourite medicine, perfect to warm up the cold winter days and get you in that party mood! Come and drink with us!”

7 | Pointless | Half Empty

THE PRESS RELEASE:Pointless is a 4 piece indie/emo band from Gloucester and Camden counties, NJ. Since 2017, the band has released two EPs, Dust (2017), Glow (2018), as well as two singles, No Chances (2019), and their newest release Half Empty. “This is our favorite track we’ve done so far and think it’s our best. We’re very excited to share it with everyone and the writing continues. We’ve been asked what this song means. Though there is definitely a specific meaning to it, it is open-ended to everyone who listens to it. After it becomes its own entity, I don’t think it has one sole meaning. But what I will say is that we just want to be there for people the same way music was there for us.” – Justin Monturano (Guitar/ Vocals)”

8 | Nightwish | Élan

THE PRESS RELEASE:Decades: Live In Buenos Aires!, the divine new live release from Finland’s finest is out today! The show was captured by 19 different cameras on that extraordinary night in Argentina. To celebrate the release, Nightwish present the live video for Élan, which captures the breathtaking spirit of the night.”

9 | Fox Glove & Auburn Blind | Auld Lang Syne

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Alt-folk harmony-based trio Fox Glove have released a charming holiday EP titled Dead of Winter. Festive and haunting, the frosty classics and seasonal original capture the wistfulness of wintertide. The Victoria-based group unveils a new video for their rendition of time-honoured Auld Lang Syne featuring string trio Auburn Blind, and Chris Van Sickle on keyboard. Reminiscent of a family gathering around the piano to ring in the New Year, they provide a soundtrack for gratitude and reflection.

10 | Sylosis | I Sever

THE PRESS RELEASE:Josh Middleton has announced the long-anticipated return of Sylosis with the coming release of their first new record in five years, Cycle Of Suffering, on Feb. 7. The announcement also delivers a first look at the band with the launch of their brand-new video, I Sever. Josh comments, “After three long years, Sylosis is back! I want to thank all of our fans for their patience and support over these last few years. Cycle Of Suffering is dedicated to them.”

11 | Zheani | I Won’t Sell My Soul

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The haunting track I Won’t Sell My Soul, like all of Australian artist, songwriter and rapper Zheani’s creative output, can be best understood as an attempt at manifestation. Taking shadowed and broken pieces of memory and arranging them in such a way that they inspire and invoke strength. The rap verse gives a blunt and chilling insight into Zheani’s family background. Her raw and unfiltered approach to her work resonates with her organic and engaged audience. Zheani states, “Through this project I want to address the dark memories of my past so I never have to look back into the abyss again. It’s not going to be pretty but it’s what I feel I need to do. A part of me hopes that most people will find it hard to relate to the lyrics but the sad fact is I know that far too many will and I’m sorry if you do.”

12 | Broox | She’s Been Listening

THE PRESS RELEASE:Broox brings us into a queer wonderland with the official music video for She’s Been Listening, one of the singles from her recent EP, Over Easy. Created in collaboration with director Sara Ravid, She’s Been Listening’s music video brings to life a queer re-imagination of childhood. “This music video was thanking my 10 year old self,” Broox writes of the heavily nostalgic visual concept. “I got to revisit a queer baby wonderland and relive a time of exploration and fluctuation that is still relevant today. In many ways, the way I expressed myself in the early 2000’s style of clothing, awfully mismatched cargo shorts and graphic tees, have stuck with me throughout the years, having molded it into what truly makes me comfortable in who I am. Looking back at my 10 year old self, she was confident, strong, and didn’t think twice about what people thought. She wore what she want and wore it unapologetically. My 10 year old self’s sense of quirky weird style is a metaphor for my life. She shaped me into who I am today.”


13 | Pressure Cracks | Ready For You

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Southern California hardcore outfit Pressure Cracks released their pummeling new single Ready For You. The group recently wrapped studio work for the follow-up to their 2018 self-titled EP. Pressure Cracks features Jason Butler of Fever 333 / Letlive notoriety and ex-members of hardcore metal group Scars of Tomorrow. Started initially as a project amongst longtime Orange County friends Dan Bieranowski (guitar), Kevin Fifield (guitar), Bill Galvin (drums) and Ryan Doria (bass), they connected with Butler knowing he would be perfect for the role. “Jason and I go back many years to his days singing for Letlive,” says Bieranowski. “It’s awesome how something we are doing just for fun comes together naturally when the pieces perfectly fit”.

14 | Badge Époque Ensemble | Nature, Man & Woman

THE PRESS RELEASE: “To celebrate the release of their new EP, Nature, Man & Woman, Badge Époque Ensemble are sharing a new video for the title track. Nature, Man & Woman represents a “departure in approach for the Ensemble,” says band leader Maximilian ‘Twig’ Turnbull. “It was created by method of collage, where I repurposed previously recorded material, cutting old fragments into new loops, and overdubbing new sounds onto this sampled framework. BÉE has always been informed by sampled music in our approach, this track makes that link most explicit.”

15 | Tisoki | It’s OK feat. Kozze

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Fueled by melodic interludes and trunk-thumping bass kicks, Tisoki drops a reassuring ode to hedonism in It’s OK, featuring sung-rap vocals from Kozze. It’s OK is the first single from Tisoki’s forthcoming EP, set to arrive in early 2020. 2019 saw Tisoki emerge as a frontrunner in the next wave of bass music. He maintained omnipresence in the live music circuit, making numerous appearances at festivals across North America.”

16+17 | Phöenix Lazare | Winter White / Evergreen

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Capturing the warm glow of the holiday season, Canadian singer/songwriter Phöenix Lazare reflects tenderness and tradition in two original Christmas songs, Winter White and Evergreen. These festive lullabies are sentimental and whole-hearted, celebrating the magical annual transition into the Holidays. Lazare reflects on the small miracles of a simple, yet meaningful Christmas, transporting her listeners to a cozy, familiar kitchen or fireside.”

18 | Imperial Daze | Centrepole

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After releasing their latest EP Surfaces Sensibles back in June, Imperial Daze have spent the summer recording a whole new batch of songs in their south London, ex-commercial freezer come recording space: Electric Eel Studio.The songs will be collected under the name a login to SMTHNG and released in early 2020.“The themes in a login to SMTHNG focus on our relationship as flesh & blood humans with our digital identity and how it plays on our day to day lives, dreams, relationships and mental health. Making a login to SMTHNG was our way of creating something exciting to help ourselves burst through that ever-clinging haze of backlit screens and mind-numbing scroll holes.” The band wanted to share something before 2019 was out so here is Centerpole, a song about a dialogue with someone close who is stuck in a loop and struggling with addiction, depression and self-doubt. In contrast to its heavy subject matter the song itself is an up-beat groove based crooning number, as equally indebted to 90’s US hip-hop as it might be to Lee Hazelwood.”

19 | Personality Cult | Pressure Point

THE PRESS RELEASE: “What started as a solo project for North Carolina’s Ben Carr has evolved into a full-band supergroup of sorts, featuring past and present members of Paint Fumes, Last Year’s Men, Natural Causes, Bass Drum Of Death, Missing Pages, Mind Spiders, Sweet Talk, Sweet Knives, and probably a bunch more that we’re forgetting about! Fast propulsive punk with hooks for days, and dark undercurrents swirling underneath. While sonically this doesn’t fall too far from what you’d associate with many beloved Dirtnap bands of the past, these guys really nail the delicate balance of taking a familiar sound and putting their own unique spin on it, in the end sounding like nothing but themselves.”

20 | Marquee Grand | Maybe

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Emerging alt-rock band Marquee Grand released their single Maybe, a tantalizing taste of their high energy, infectious music that has led them to perform in conjunction with major bands like The 1975, Dashboard Confessional, and Blink-182. These Buffalo, NY natives are eager to share their new single ahead of their upcoming debut EP release in January.”

21 | Elk Run + Riot | Morning Light

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The pride of Canmore, Alta., folk rock group Elk Run + Riot will release their fourth album Morning Light on Jan. 31. The album’s first single and title track is out today. “Morning Light is a fun light hearted song about living in a small town and the friends we make for life,” says Ryan Schepens. “It’s about never regretting a single moment of the time we have, never taking anything for granted, and having fun along the way! Oh and it’s also partially on true events.”

22 | Donovan Woods | While All the While

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Multi award-winning artist Donovan Woods’ new single While All The While is out today. Co-written with Grammy Award-winning songwriter Lori McKenna (Little Big Town; Tim McGraw), the track explores a journey of life’s everyday, seemingly mundane moments that make up the fabric of our lives. While All The While is essentially Woods’ songwriting in miniature, a portrait of quotidian life that swells into a poignant meditation on how we sit with and reconcile our conflicted feelings.
“Therapy helped guide me into the idea that it’s OK to be sad. I can be sad and still make jokes and laugh. I can be sad and sing. I can be sad while still being grateful and happy that people come see my shows and care about the songs I make,” Woods says. “I brought this idea to Lori, and we tried to write a song about just that. Getting up and going on with life,” he adds. “A little celebration of the things we do while all the while a little sadness is still there with us.”

23 | Hebe | Hunting Me

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Emerging artist Hebe reveals an intimate stripped-down version of her recent electro-pop single Hunting Me. Showing the sheer depth of her artistry, the Dutch singer and songwriter strips the song back to its bare, beautiful essence, with evocative vocals and absorbing melodies taking centre stage. Whilst pianist and vocalist Ruben Hein adds the mellow timbre of a Rhodes piano to the rich resonance of the grand piano played by Hebe. “All my songs are born around the piano in my house,” explains Hebe. “Working in the studio with Huub Reijnders, Martijn Bosman and Ruben Hein, we’ve added all kinds of layers, grooves and production sounds. With this acoustic version, I want to show the way I wrote the song, purely focusing on the lyrics.”

24 | Lyves | Deep Water

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The distinctive vocals of Lyves carry a wave of emotion with them as the gorgeous yet poignant production unfolds: “Guess we’re still learning and that’s okay / Take it minute, by hour, by day, by day” she outpours during the track, which uniquely does not feature a chorus – it just purely flows, a testament to Lyves’ risk-taking, adventurous artistry which has earned her recognition.

25 | AZTX feat. April Ivy | Somebody That I Used to Know

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Emerging British producer duo AZTX (Aztecs) return to light up dancefloors once again with Somebody That I Used to Know – their energetic dance take on the Gotye and Kimbra classic. The buzzing producers enlist Portuguese sensation April Ivy, who counts Ariana Grande as a fan, for the track. April floats across the club-ready production with her signature airy vocals, accentuated by AZTX’s intense bass grooves, vibrant piano chords and gorgeous pop hooks.”