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Dave Alvin Supergroup The Third Mind Tops Today’s Album Announcements

The Blasters co-founder goes underground with his latest musical project.


Any day that brings word of new music from Dave Alvin is a good day. And it’s even better when it turns out Alvin is part of a supergroup that’s already cut an album of classic ’60s underground music. That’s the story behind The Third Mind, the singer-guitarist and former Blasters co-founder’s new band with bassist Victor Krummenacher, multi-instrumentalist David Immergluck, drummer Michael Jerome and guitarist Jesse Sykes. Their self-titled album, out Feb. 14, features one original composition and five covers delivered off the cuff and on the fly. “Using the Miles Davis technique, there were no rehearsals or written musical arrangements. Just decide on a key, start recording and see what happens,” Alvin says in a press release. “During the sessions we simply sat in a circle and looked and listened closely to each other as we made everything up live on the spot. We chose songs/compositions primarily identified with the 1960s underground scene as a tribute to the open-minded music of that period as well as to the fearless musicians like Alice Coltrane, Michael Bloomfield, Fred Neil and Roky Erickson, who helped create the sounds of the era.” Count me in. Check out their first single Journey To Satchidananda above. Then scroll down to see the rest of today’s additions to the upcoming music roster. And don’t forget to visit the Upcoming Releases page for the full list.

November 22

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November 29

Debra-Jean Creelman | Triggers & Mirrors EP

December 6

Hurt Valley | Glacial Pace

December 13

Kenny Rogers | The Gambler’s Last Deal CD/DVD
Sid Wilson | ∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øƒ †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢ vol2

January 17

Pale Saints | The Comforts of Madness 30th Anniversary Edition

January 24

Elton John With Ray Cooper | Live From Moscow
Mono Inc. | The Book of Fire

January 31

Cave Flowers | Cave Flowers

February 7

Bryan Ferry | Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1974

February 14

Hollywood Undead | New Empire, Vol. 1
The Third Mind | The Third Mind

February 28

John Holden | Rise & Fall

March 6

Aunty Social | The Day My Brain Broke EP

March 13

Caitlyn Smith | Supernova