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Indie Roundup | 10 New Songs For Monday

Start your week off to the sounds of Cartel Madras, Nile, Nosoyo and others.

Cartel Madras go for gold, Project Renegade place an order, Nosoyo lose face and more in today’s Roundup. If they don’t want politicians to talk over each other during debates, here’s an idea: Turn off their microphones as soon as they start.

1 | Cartel Madras | Goonda Gold

THE PRESS RELEASE:Cartel Madras (aka Eboshi and Contra) is sharing the official video for Goonda Gold, the duo’s new single, directed by Bhaveek Makan and Jashan Makan. The Goonda Gold video integrates the Desi influence in the track, compelling visuals, and the fashion of the Goondas. There is tension throughout the video, but at the heart of the song, it is an anthemic party track. Eboshi says, “This is a song for the underdog. We are two queer, POC rappers that are actively creating space for ourselves and other artists like us. Goonda Gold announces itself and demands your attention. We wanted a video that was true to the nature and the sound of the Goonda. We wanted to convey how our audiences feel when they hear this song. Goonda Gold captures the danger and excitement of Cartel Madras.” And Contra adds this, “We’ve always imagined the Goonda as someone from different walks of life moving through the world fiercely, readying themselves for a fight. Gold chains on, cut lip; this song is for the baddies.”

2 | Project Renegade | Order of the Minus

THE PRESS RELEASE:Project Renegade will release their first full-length album Order of the Minus on Oct. 31. Project Renegade is a four-member metal band from Athens, Greece, founded by Marianna (vocals) and Ody (drums) and joined after by Nick K. (guitar) and Jay (bass). Project Renegade’s sound derives from an alternative, heavy and groove background blended with electronic and ambient elements.”

3 | Rise of the Northstar | Here Comes The Boom

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Europe’s biggest crossover band, Rise of the Northstar, have released the official live video for their hit single Here Comes The Boom. The footage was recorded during the band’s May 18 show in Paris, France. The song comes off Rise of the Northstar’s latest album The Legacy Of Shi. Over the course of the past 4 years, the internationally acclaimed band has become a household name for crossing 90s metal, rap, hardcore and Japanese culture as well as brutal and intense live shows.”

4 | Nosoyo | Faceless

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After catchy songs Highness and Glitter, the two Berliners of Nosoyo are now releasing a new song you wont get out of your ear! What was the idea? “It was supposed to be about the state of true bliss – like the moment when you are almost asleep or just waking up, feeling strangely detached and also a bit unreal. Lost in space and very present at the same time, for example when you are in REM sleep or in sleep paralysis. I think we caught that vibe quite well.”

5 | Where Did Nora Go | I’m Still Here

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After five years the gifted Danish singer releases music again, at the end of November the EP Womb of Life is released. What does this song mean to Astrid: “This song came to me one day – complete, from beginning to end. It was still a very tough time, and ‘I’m still here’ is obviously a very emotional song. Having gone through a lot of anguish and pain, having emerged on the other side. Still alive. Bruised but still standing. Perhaps even stronger. I think all of us at some point in life go through really hard times. It’s part of life and part of our learning process.”

6 | Nile | Vile Nilotic Rites

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Technical death metal Egyptologists Nile offer a lyric video for the second single and title track from their Nov. 1 release Vile Nilotic Rites. Karl Sanders comments, “Vile Nilotic Rites was a depraved yet fun song to write and record. Now that we are playing it live on tour, we are for sure enjoying sharing the song onstage with metal fans. Vile is a catchy track with a lot of variety in the tempo; from crushing heavy, to irresistible mid-paced groove, to uptempo blasting. It also has a creeping, heavy evil vibe yet with just the right amount of technicality to be an undeniably fun blast to play. The lyrics are some of my favorite on the album as are the vocal performances, par excellence from Brian and Brad, as well as some extremely brutal yet tasteful and enjoyable drum work from George. Vile was one of the first songs written for this album so we have certainly impatiently waited a long time to be able to bring this track to metal fans.”

7 | Anna Meredith | Inhale Exhale

THE PRESS RELEASE:Anna Meredith releases Inhale Exhale, a new single/video off of FIBS, her new album out on Oct. Inhale Exhale marries Meredith’s crystalline singing voice with ravey electronics to create something simultaneously catchy and unsettling. It’s unmistakably Meredith’s most pop song to date. Saturated in euphoric rave melodies, her own vocals roll on top of the jittering synths, but on a closer listen the lyrics reveal a darker theme at play. Inhale Exhale is underpinned with lyrics exploring a more sinister and pessimistic take on what ‘living’ or having a ‘wild time’ might be for a cautious person like myself so despite the upbeat feel, the opening line which sets the mood is ‘you say you’re dancing in the deep end, but to me it looks like drowning,’” says Meredith.”

8 | Dirty Sound Magnet | Skull Drawing Rose

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Swiss alternative/psych-rock weirdos Dirty Sound Magnet unveiled their new single Skull Drawing Rose from their album Transgenic coming out later this month. Dirty Sound Magnet is a psychedelic rock power trio from Fribourg, Switzerland. To members Stavros Dzodzosz (guitar, lead vocals), Marco Mottolini (bass, backing vocals) and Maxime Cosandey (drums, backing vocals), their collective means so much more. The three state it plainly: “there is no plan B”. Their dedication is unconditional, unequivocal, and unavoidable. Not one of the members has been engaged in any side projects since the band’s formation a decade ago; Dirty Sound Magnet offers them a musical framework without any boundaries to their creative expression.”

9 | Alex McArtor | Speed Into Air

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Seventeen-year-old Alex McArtor’s new EP Heart Talk Vol. 1 , the first installment in a pair of releases, is set to arrive Oct. 18 . Today she releases a new EP track Speed Into Air – a song to help pull yourself together, inspired by a relationship that should never have happened. On the new track, Alex explains: “I wrote Speed Into Air because I needed a ‘he’s only calling you cuz he’s drunk and you’re a badass, so f that guy’ type of song. And that’s what I wrote. I hope it helps someone out there the way it helped me. Life’s too short to hold on to people with bad intentions.”

10 | Void Vator | Put Away Wet

THE PRESS RELEASE: “L.A.’s blistering heavy merchants Void Vator unveil a high-octane new song off their upcoming debut album Stranded. Says Lucas Kanopa (vocals/guitar): “All the songs have elements of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and even some 90’s rock when it comes to the vocal melodies. In this day and age of overly produced and overly polished music, we wanted to make sure that this album was as raw and as real as we could get away with, a true representation of our sound.”

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