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Late-Night TV Music (And We’re Back Edition) | Sept. 3, 2019

Red Hearse, Marina and Alec Benjamin kick off the fall talk-show season.

And so it begins. Again. The late-night talk shows returned to active duty on Tuesday, complete with a few musical performances. Much like the rest of us, they’re still ramping up after the long weekend, so it’s all fairly low-key. And pop-oriented. Red Hearse — featuring Jack Antonoff, Sam Dew and Sounwave — tabled their single Everybody Wants You, doing the same sit-down shtik they did about six weeks ago on Fallon. Singer Marina (trading her non-existent Diamonds for a dancer) brought a little Karma to Jimmy Kimmel Live. And singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin fruitlessly searched for Jesus in LA on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Here’s hoping the rest of the fall is this easy.



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