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Late-Night TV Music (Blatant Rehash Edition) | March 4, 2019

Who needs innovation and originality when you've got mindless reproduction?

Originality is overrated. Granted, this is not news. Especially not in the entertainment industry. But it was indisputably the musical theme on display during Monday night’s talk shows. Nobody made that point clearer than Bebe Rexha, who unabashedly got her vintage Madonna on during her performance of Last Hurrah on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Now, I’m no fan of Rexha, but I’ll grudgingly give her style points for the anachronistic framing and the Pussy Riot-meet-Beyonce dance troupe sporting the seven deadly sins on their chests. What does it all mean? Who knows? And who cares? Bottom line: It was more interesting than watching Walk the Moon sit around and turn Adele’s Someone Like You into a limp-noodle synth-pop ditty in the backstage music room of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And it definitely beat watching pretty-boy rockers Badflower — who, let’s face it, are basically Bush for a new generation — play focus group-approved generica like Heroin (because they’re dangerous, doncha know?) and Ghost (because, well, I dunno) for a gaggle of screaming teenage girls with fake IDs on Last Call With Carson Daly. You win this round, Bebe. Damn you to hell. And you’ve got some ’splainin’ to do, Gavin Rossdale.