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Soulskin | Lost in Space: Exclusive Video Premiere!

Soulskin is a band reborn on its latest album Beneath a Dimmer Crown and new lyric video for the song Lost in Space — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist!

Lost in Space is a song about the dark side of love,” the Nashville band says in a release. “When you love someone or something so much that it hurts … literally. There are things we love that are totally destructive for us. Also, when that one thing that you love above all else (money, fame, family) is taken from you, it can undo you. It’s a sad fact of life we all experience … Musically, the song came from spending too much time listening to Failure. It was meant to ‘feel’ like a mainstream song but with some very dark undertones to try and capture the message.”

Formed in 1992, Soulskin — guitarist Jason Hamilton, bassist Chris Stone, vocalist Matthew Marth, and drummer Bobby Burdick — were first inspired by the then-exploding alt-rock scene and bands like Tool and Faith No More. But their sound slowly got funky and heavier, eventually evolving into the neo-gothic sludge they became known for. After winding down in the early 2000s, the group reconvened for Beneath a Dimmer Crown, a set of powerful alt-metal songs driven by an innovative spirit and a strong melodic instinct. The four musicians — who live in different states — used internet technology to construct the record. It was produced and engineered by veteran Chris Grainger in Nashville and mastered by the legendary Ted Jensen. This is high-level rock that delivers and is truly the group’s finest moment.

Beneath a Dimmer Crown is proof of what can be accomplished when drive and brotherhood remain strong. Soulskin have returned to the living and are here to make an impact. Rock fans are advised to get onboard and ride. Check out Lost in Space above and hear Beneath a Dimmer Crown below:

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