Weekend Mixtape | 206 Songs That Prove Less Is Not Always More (Side 7)

Last weekend included Record Store Day. Next week brings another Bandcamp Friday. So you might have reasonably expected this week to be the relatively calm eye in the middle the dual hurricanes. But you would have been dead wrong, judging by the 206 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes and unearthed classics that found their way into my world — and subsequently, into your latest gargantuan Weekend Mixtape. Are some of them gems you won’t find anywhere else? But of course, Insp. Morse. Are the Tinnitist-approved cuts tagged with a 🍺 because it’s Friday and I am having a cold one as you read this? You got that right, Reginald Dwight. Have my brains begun to leak out my ears? Too true, Mr. Magoo. Enough with the jibber and jabber. Let’s make it happen, Captain:



122 | Theo Croker | To Be We (ft. Jill Scott)

123 | Khalid | Skyline

124 | Sam Casey | I’d Rather Go Blind

125 | Giveon | Lie Again

126 | Amaal | Lullaby (ft. Syd)

127 | Luis Morrison | Ultraviolet

128 | Jesse Gold | All Over Again

129 | Adrian Carmine | You Can’t Tell The Heart (ft. Trish Toledo)


130 | Cienfuego meets Earth Beat Movement | Pieces of Dub

131 | Muito Kaballa | Inside Outside (ft. Bantu)

132 | Mister Drê-d | Pouki

133 | Aza Lineage | Mr. Lover

🍺 134 | Alexia Bomtempo | Banho de Cheiro

135 | Amai Kuda Et Les Bois | Eshu

🍺 136 | Stephanie Santiago | Activa Tu Cuerpo