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Martin Schiller Has Become Abstracted & Restless

The border-crossing artist dives into an immersive set of experimental soundscapes.

Martin Schiller journeys through experimental soundscapes and emotional landscapes on his daring new album Abstracted — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Originally from Windsor but now based in Detroit, Schiller has made a mark in both performance and composition. Apart from his many rewarding and beloved collaborations, he has also carved out his own path as a solo artist, releasing music independently.

Completed in 2021, Abstracted reflects a period of significant upheaval and introspection. Conceived as a unified whole, the LP unfolds in two halves resembling the sides of an album. The first half comprises a six-part sequence featuring minimalist and environmental gestures, blending playful improvisations with computer music. The second half offers a lengthy exploration of an electronic breakbeat with a heavily modified violin drone, followed by a drifting ambient piece that serves as a poignant ending.

Featuring approximately 32 minutes of captivating electronic music, the album transcends traditional genre boundaries, incorporating elements of ambient, noise, glitch, and other experimental genres. The resulting sonic journey weaves together layers of soundscape and texture to create an immersive auditory experience. “The individual elements that make up this music were gradually constructed over several years, some dating as far back as 2016, but it was during the first pandemic lockdowns that I began editing them, carving them out, and connecting them to create this work as a whole,” says Schiller.

Meticulously crafted by Schiller over five years, Abstracted was mastered by Matt Rideout, with artwork by Amanda Brierty. Schiller chose to hold the release of Abstracted as life unfolded and presented challenges, including his father’s illness and passing. The creation of the album became a refuge and a means of processing emotions. His relocation from Windsor to Detroit further marked this transformative period, as did the release of other music, including his previous album Dreams Vol. 1.

Known for his dynamic bass performances with What Seas What Shores and contributions to the Noiseborder Ensemble’s multimedia shows, Schiller has entertained audiences globally. He continues to push the boundaries of his craft, drawing inspiration from his diverse experiences and surroundings.

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