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Calvyn Cass Rises And Shines With Every Kind Chapter One: Reigning Stars

The singer-songwriter unveils the first half of his ambitious two-part project

Calvyn Cass rewrites the rules of love on his new EP Chapter One: Reigning Stars — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The singer-songwriter’s new project takes a crystal-clear stance on romance, and the innumerable stages it transforms into for an individual. The project boasts themes that directly mimic falling in love in the real world — the beginning peak, the highs and lows in the middle, and the desolating end. Love “is just not always that simple,” he understates. “The experience of being in love is kind of like an out-of this-world experience. The irony is, it’s probably the best thing about being in this world.”

Every Kind Chapter One: Reigning Stars offers an eliciting mixture of funk tones, necessary ad libs in some tracks, the melancholy textures fused into the vulnerable songs. Tethered To You and Passion To Pain cleverly transport the listener to a gloomy schism about choosing between two outcomes that depend on two different decisions. Furthermore, the use of melancholic chords compels the listener to empathize with the protagonist of these storylines.

 Cass’s unending devotion to his husband is reflected well throughout this project in variety of ways. And to think he intentionally removed gender for this project, makes this body of art much more formidable. He provides this safe haven where all individuals can relate to and find some kind of solace through music. “We have both made mistakes along the way and we almost didn’t make it through some of those moments,” he adds. “At the end of the day we always chose to stick it out. It doesn’t make it hurt less and it’s really reshaped my view of love and how I understand it.”

Cass invited quite a few creative contributors to this new project, including producer Adam H. (Ray J, Ne-Yo, Def Leppard, Loverboy) and Dave Genn (54•40 and Matthew Good Band), dynamo Taylor Allum on Passion To Pain, best friend and fellow songwriter Jess Edo, and some exemplary cinematographer friends for the videos.

Cass burst onto the scene back in 2020 with his debut single ME, Myself, And I and has continued to build a strong following ever since. In just three years, his songs have been streamed over a million times, and he’s racked up a whopping 500,000 video views. Now, he’s channeling that momentum into this ambitious two-part project, taking inspiration from artists like Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams while honing his ’90-style sound.

Check out Every Kind Chapter One: Reigning Stars above, watch some of Calvyn Cass’s videos above, and fall in love with him on his website, Instagram and Twitter.