The Grindhouse | Take Offense, Acid Mammoth, Palooka, Coilguns & More New Punishment

I meant to put together one of these columns earlier this week, but I got too busy doing something that I can no longer recall. Of course, that just means you get a extra-massive dose of heaviness and intensity today. You’re welcome. Hope you can handle it.


Take Offense | Assassination

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Cali thrashers Take Offense have released their new single Assassination — the second preview of what’s to come on their upcoming album T.O.tality. The track kicks off with a complex riff that would sit perfectly on a Marty Friedman-era Megadeth record before settling into a swinging hardcore groove with unexpected twists. It’s the perfect sample of Take Offense’s fresh take on crossover as the band forge ahead towards new frontiers on T.O.tality. Frontman Anthony Herrera says, “Assassination embodies our mission to be truthful and give everything that you have.” Its accompanying video, directed by Nicholas Hipa is a metaphor, adds Herrera. “The assassin in the video represents anyone and anything trying to stop us — it ain’t happening.”

Acid Mammoth | Fuzzorgasm (Keep On Screaming)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Athens doom metal powerhouse Acid Mammoth unleash their new video Fuzzorgasm (Keep on Screaming), taken from their upcoming fourth studio album Supersonic Megafauna Collision, due April 5. About the song, guitarist and vocalist Chris Babalis Jr. comments: “Fuzzorgasm (Keep on Screaming) is a witchy track, filled with fuzzy riffs and an unholy atmosphere. Debauchery is taking place in the wickedest of covens, with smoke and blood transcending your soul. Join the coven and relish its serpentine bliss!”

Palooka | F Mind

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Unveiling their latest EP Save Yourself at the beginning of March, adrenaline rock n’ rollers Palooka share the video for F Mind. It’s a groovy song with guitar and drums setting the tone to spiral fans into an anthemic sing-along with its lyrics creating a connection that will resonate with each listener. “F Mind is an observation, looking out the window or watching TV, the absurdity of it all sometimes. It’s an interplay of light and dark,” say the band. The Seattle group’s new EP Save Yourself was written during the pandemic. The recordings were not only an artistic endeavor but a coping mechanism that gave the band a way to stay connected in a very disconnected world at the time. Their EP is a product of this time and method.”

Drungi | Myrkur

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Icelandic hard rock/metal sensation Drungi are making waves with their upcoming debut album Hamfarir Hugans, due April 5. As a prelude, the band have dropped their second single Myrkur (translation: Dark), constructed with a heavy waltz simulating a dance macabre with the darkness, which reflects the element of the song. They explain further: “We don’t know what happens in the darkness and how it will affect our life, and that’s the scary idea that happens in the musical part of Myrkur. Depression, You can let the darkness control you but you must remember to turn on the light that only oneself can turn on. The darkness can be obsessive but it is dangerous if it’s used wrong on others and yourself.”

Little Albert | See My Love Coming Home

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Little Albert — the blues-rock project of guitarist Alberto Piccolo — has released the video for See My Love Coming Home, from his upcoming sophomore album The Road Not Taken, due March 29. Piccolo is known for his work in the revered Italian doom metal band Messa, who have garnered exceptional feedback on the global heavy scene and performed on major stages across Europe, the U.K. and North America. His new solo album masterfully moves between blues rock, jazz and improvisation.”

Vicolo Inferno | Cold Surface

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Vicolo Inferno’s third studio album Circles will be available in May. Instinctive, energetic, melodic, dark, and intense, this is the quartet’s most mature and experimental recording to date. Circles dances among various colors of the soul, from the most intimate and convoluted to the angry, to the amused and ironic. The track listing was chosen to guide the listener through a journey. The writing process for this record has been consolidated for years, although somewhat against the current. Add the band: “We are romantic supporters of songwriting in the rehearsal room. We always start from a vocal line or a guitar riff, and if there is inspiration, the first version is laid down, which is then refined and shaped over time like a piece of wood by a sculptor.”

Nate Silva | Cauterize (Live)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Nate Silva is a Canadian guitarist and singer-songwriter who has traveled through several sonic worlds throughout his career, showcasing his versatile guitar work and captivating tenor vocals. Accompanied by drummer Matt Babineau and bassist Dan Joseph, he delivers a dynamic rock experience that builds on the high-energy foundation of his past endeavours. He is gearing up to release his first album The Chase in May; prior to that, here is the single Cauterize. “There is more 1990s alternative rock inspiration on this one, and likely the angriest song on the record,” he says. “This is the uglier side of grieving the end of a relationship and trying to deal with infidelity. The words are pretty on the nose with this one, so I’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves. Musically, I wanted a groovier song on the album, and I also wanted a song that could have potential for jamming or opening up in the middle section in a live performance setting.”

Haunted | Garden Of Evil

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Sicilian doom metal conjurers Haunted premiered their dark and sultry Garden of Evil video today. The band will release their third album Stare At Nothing on April 19. “It’s undermining the force of mimesis with God,” they say of their new single Garden Of Evil. “It’s the snake’s bite that frees you from shame… it’s discovering yourself capable of doing harm… Changing, corrupting purity, depriving questions of answers, sinking into the wound of being.”

Unshine | Aettarfylgja

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Finnish druid metal band Unshine are celebrating the release of their fifth full-length Karn of Burnings with their new lyric video for the single Aettarfylgja. Guitarist Harri Hautala explains: “The core idea, the copper mountain from which the world tree grows, behind Karn of Burnings came from a Bronze Age burial ground I visited two years ago. This visit largely changed my view of the world from a historical and especially ancestral perspective. Aettarfylgja paints a picture of the people of that era. Lots of music in a small space.”

Violet Eternal | Now And Forever

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Set to release their debut album Reload The Violet in May, Violet Eternal — a band with members in Italy and Japan — unveil Now And Forever, a song about heartbreak and human separation. “It’s a track that seems to be power metal, but the melody is very oriental,” they say. Violet Eternal were born out of the desire of two musicians from different countries to work with each other in creating a new melodic metal band, blending power, and oriental choruses with fast-paced rhythms and interpersonal lyrics, with the ambiance of shredding guitar solos.”

Forsaken Rite | The Storm

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Forsaken Rite, the epic folk metal band hailing from the northern plains of Edmonton, are set to unleash a tempest of musical prowess with their latest single The Storm, from their forthcoming EP due later this year. True to their high-fantasy roots, Forsaken Rite weave intricate tales of adventure, battles, and travels with each song they create. The upcoming EP is a continuation of 2017’s The Northern Saga, and sees the band/war party heading West. The band detail what’s in store: “New stories, new experiences, excitement. The adventurers are traveling West and encounter a terrible storm. As if something greater has other plans for their journey, they must weather its forces in order to survive and continue on their path. A catchy sing-a-long song with clean and distorted vocals and various folk elements. The instrumental section is percussive and brings together multiple folk instruments and melodies.”

NOTSM | The Hedonic Treadmill

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:NOTSM, the brainchild of guitarist Matt Barkley, are proud to announce the release of their debut album Only Death Brings Silence. Set to unveil its haunting melodies and powerful riffs to the world this May, the album is a testament to Barkley’s journey through the metal world. Accompanying this exciting news is the release of the record’s first single The Hedonic Treadmill. Barkley explains: “The Hedonic Treadmill is a relentless onslaught of heavy metal energy, delving into the depths of human desire and the futile pursuit of satisfaction. With thunderous riffs and pounding drums, the song encapsulates the never-ending cycle of craving and disappointment. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the hedonic treadmill, where every attempt to find fulfillment leads only to emptiness and disillusionment. Despite moments of pleasure, the song warns of the inevitable descent back to dissatisfaction, echoing the struggles of those trapped in an endless pursuit of gratification.”

Temple Of The Fuzz Witch | Cursed

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Detroit doom metal trio Temple Of The Fuzz Witch present a crushing new excerpt off their third full-length Apotheosis, due April 5. The band say: “Cursed delves into the acceptance of nihilistic views and rejecting life. Mankind has had the tendency to bring a lot of evil into this world and we’re basically saying ‘fuck that’ as we no longer wish to endure the diminishing of civilization. Humanity has a price to pay, and quite frankly, it has already cursed itself.”

Gnarwhal | Tides

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Gnarwhal, a genre-bending four-piece rock band from Yellowknife, release Tides, the latest single from their upcoming EP Altered States, slated for May. The dynamic track offers a mesmerizing blend of heavy-fuzz rock with progressive metal intricacies and doom-tinged grooves, showcasing the band’s evolution and prowess. “Tides is a song we originally wrote in early 2023,” they say. “It’s a bit of a departure from some of our other standard rock songs, but definitely hits a little heavier too. Lyrically, Benji was just spitting out doomy ideas on paper which ended up synthesizing into a concept that fit really well with the other tracks on the EP. It sort of tells a tale of despair and dread about decisions made and your place in the world. There’s a bit of an apocalyptic feel to it.”

Coilguns | Venetian Blinds

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Coilguns are back with a new banger: Venetian Blinds. It recorded by Scott Evans in one of the world’s most coveted and remote recording studios: Ocean Sound, where artists like Arcade Fire, A-ha and Swedish House Mafia have cut some of their albums. Coilguns’ new single was then mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated producers Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Pixies, Simple Minds) and Robin Schmidt (Placebo, Liam Gallagher, The 1975).”

Black Pyramid | Bile, Blame & Blasphemy

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “U.S. psychedelic doom legends Black Pyramid return after more than a decade with their fourth album The Paths of Time Are Vast, due May 3. Today they share the epic first track Bile, Blame and Blasphemy. Evoking the molten, sludgy tones and immersive atmosphere of their self-titled debut, Black Pyramid greatly expand upon what worked wonders in the past, then seeks the transcendent path, pushing each element of their alchemistic sound to its unparalleled cosmic conclusion.”

Hypersonic | My Sacrifice (ft. Mark Jansen)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Prepare to be absorbed in Hypersonic’s powerful, symphonic, epic, extreme, and dramatic sound with their new track My Sacrifice, featuring Mark Jansen of Epica. My Sacrifice carries on with that signature style which has seen Hypersonic redefine the limits of their music while still being true to themselves. With its high-flying harmonies, epic guitar solos, and non-stop power this song is bound to have you gasping for breath. This is a musical journey unlike any other as Hypersonic and Mark Jansen come together to make a work of art that will light up your senses and leave you wanting more.”