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Albums Of The Week: Berries | How We Function

The London trio's mix of pop-rock & grunge is suitably sweet, tart, tasty & nourishing.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:How We Function is the debut album from London grunge trio Berries. The album explores many themes: Mental health features heavily along with sexism and the sensation of feeling overlooked — alongside songs about growth, strength and rising above all of the negativity and noise around us. The majority of the songs are based on personal experience which is why they decided to call the album How We Function. It’s also a nod to how the band and music has kept them going in trying times.

Wall of Noise is the latest single from How We Fuction. Lyrically the song gives a nod to self-doubt and how solitude can heighten and affect these feelings. Feeling lost or confused can produce the noisiest thoughts in your mind and that’s what Berries wanted to convey in this song. They push dynamics and layers to create the noise that so many people are often trying to escape in their own thoughts and the development of that noise throughout the song.

We Are Machines launched the campaign for the album. It is a song about struggling in a demanding society and being exploited by people who have little empathy or concern for your well-being. The song touches on how we are forced to become machines, trying to maintain an impossible level of perfection and how we need to fight against this. Admitting we are only human and finding the strength to stand up and push for balance and rights. In turn, becoming a different type of machine.”