Tinnitist TV | Episode 115: Peter Holmström of The Dandy Warhols

The guitarist talks about his band's new Rockmaker LP, riffs, cover tunes & more.

Life is fine for Dandy Warhols guitarist Peter Holmström these days. And no wonder.

He and his Portland bandmates just released their dozenth album Rockmaker — a dark, heavy and claustrophobic outing that marks another artistic rebirth for the creatively restless psychedelic rockers. That rejuvenation goes double for Holmström, who wrote, engineered and produced most of the album one-on-one during the pandemic with singer-guitarist Courtney Taylor-Taylor — the most creative input he’s ever had in the band, he says.

And he’s not the only one getting a slice of the spotlight — Rockmaker also features a slate of high-profile guests like Slash, Frank Black and Debbie Harry, making it a true landmark in the long-running band’s catalogue. A couple of weeks before Rockmaker rolled out, Holmström Zoomed in from his home studio to talk about riffs, returning to the fold, cover tunes, the band’s longevity and more. Enjoy.

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