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Next Week in Music | March 4-10 • The Long List: 325+ Releases On The Way

All the music heading for your playlist in the coming days — and then some.

Happy 71st birthday to singer-songwriter and sometime Soft Boys frontman Robyn Hitchcock, easily one of the most entertaining and original artists and performers out there. Emphasis on out there. And happy 38th birthday to Metallica’s landmark third studio album Master Of Puppets, easily one of the heaviest and hardest-hitting thrash albums ever created. Between just those two, you’ve got a pretty wide spectrum of sonic options to keep you occupied toay. For even more, scroll through the 325-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week:



Ele A | Dafalgan
African Brothers International | Locomotive Train (Keteke): Meko Tarkwa! Meko Tarkwa​!​! Meko Tarkwa​!​!​!
Cyrille Aimée | À Fleur de Peau
Air | Moon Safari 25th Anniversary Edition
Callum Allardice | Cinematic Light Orchestra
Anal Railgun | Anal Railgun
Ancient Teeth | Humanizer
Erika Angell | The Obsession With Her Voice
Apogean | Cyberstrictive
Apollo’s Cabinet | Musical Wanderlust: Charles Burney’s European Travels in Pursuit of Harmony
Arsun | Babe I Hear Thunder In Your Heart
Astrel K | The Foreign Department
Aunt Katrina | Hot
Ayesha Erotica | Horny 4 U
Babybaby_Explores | Hair
Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band | BRSB
Bananarama | Glorious: The Ultimate Collection
Bizzy Banks | GTMO Vol. 2
Bayonne | Temporary Time Orchestrated
TJ_Beastboy | Coldblooded-Bonecrusher
Before the Dawn | Archaic Flame
Behold Here’s Poison | Innocent Deluxe
Miroslav Beinhauer | Pieces For Sixth​-​Tone Harmonium
John Also Bennett | Music for Save Rooms 1 & 2
BEO Lil Kenny | Don’t Let Up
Beton.Hofi | 0
Beyond The Hate | Darkest Times
Bini | Talaarawan
Bktherula | LVL5 P2
The Blamers | Class Living
Bleachers | Bleachers
Joy Bogat | Fabric Of Dreams
Bondax | Journey (Club Mix)
Boof Bois | Boof Bois
Breezers | Hideaway
Jim Brickman | Because You Loved Me: Diane Warren Re-Imagined
Brother Bird | Another Year
Brother Dege | Aurora
Dave Brubeck Quartet | The Classic 1950s Albums
Bunny X | Young & In Love (The Remixes) Instrumentals
Bvcovia | Vise Lucide
Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble | Elegy for Thelonious
The Cars | Candy-O Vinyl Reissue
The Cassandra Complex | Death & Sex
Cell Press | Cages
Ernesto Cervini | A Canadian Songbook
CFM | Black Holes Don’t Choke
Chatte Royal | Mick Torres Plays Too F​*​*​*​ing Loud
The Children… | A Sudden Craving
Robert Chini | Doin’ It All For You / Everlasting Love
Choncy | 20X Multiplier
Trish Clowes & Ross Stanley | Journey to Where
CocoRosie | Elevator Angles EP
Colon Cancer | Colon Mound
Conscious Pilot | Epoxy Plains EP
Alice Cooper | Billion Dollar Babies 50th Anniversary Edition
Alice Cooper | Theatre Of Death: Live At Hammersmith 2009 Vinyl
Curse All Kings | Feral Earth
Dabrye | Super​-​Cassette
Jean Dawson | Boohoo
Dayface | Merge The Hemispheres / Gogh Get Your Digital Pen
Defryme | Starkiller
Debi Derryberry | Gotta Go Green
De Grandi | Live Life Like There’s No Mañana
Desert Sharks & A Very Special Episode | DS + AVSE Split EP
Desintegración Violenta | La Bestia
The Devil Wears Prada | Ritual
The Diasonics | Beggin’ / Take One Single
Dion | Girl Friends
Discovery Zone | Quantum Web
Distorted Vortex | The Reality Of Existence
Rachel Ana Dobken | Acceptance
Dr. Classified | Ionfuccwitu
Doc Sleep | Cloud Sight Fade
Domain | Life’s Cold Grasp
Doodseskader | Year Two
The Dredge | Torches
Olof Dreijer | Coral
Drunk Mums | Beer Baby
Dry Cleaning | Boundary Road Snacks EP Reissue
Dry Cleaning | Drinks / Sweet Princess EP Reissue
Duesund | Over Vannet
Early Moods | A Sinners Past
Ecclesia | Ecclesia Militans
Mark Egan | Cross Currents
Donnie Elbert | What Can I Do? 1957-62
Kahil El’Zaba’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble | Open Me, A Higher Consciousness of Sound and Spirit
The End Machine | The Quantum Phase
The Erwins | Life Story
Max Essa & Eddie C | We Live In The Hills
Exhorder | Defectum Omnium
Eyelids | No Jigsaw
Jad Fair | Film Music
Jad Fair | 100 Songs (A Master Class In Songwriting)
F.I.D.E.L. | Out Of Sight
Sherry Finzer | Spirit Guides
First In Line | A Fair Warning EP
Ella Fitzgerald | Great Women of Song
Floya | Yume
Flying Moon In Space | Zwei Remixes
Foamboy | Eating Me Alive
Marta Forsberg | Sjunger För Varandra
Joseph Franklin | A Thousand Tiny Mutinies
Raz Fresco & Cookin Soul | Bakin Soul
Full Tone Generator | Refuge of Sinners
Raffi Garabedian | The Crazy Dog
Martin Garrix | Idem
Gasp-Band | Gasp EP
Mathieu Gaudet | Schubert: Melodist
Gentry Ice / Adonis | Split EP
Ghlow | Levitate
Ghost Work | Light A Candle For The Lonely
Azizi Gibson | Guilty Pleasures
Girls Aloud | What Will The Neighbours Say? 20th Anniversary Edition
Goat Major | Ritual
Gonnn | The Bridge of Wishes
Good Kid | Summer
Kim Gordon | The Collective
Gost | Prophecy
Ariana Grande | Eternal Sunshine
Grateful Dead | American Beauty Vinyl Reissue
Conan Gray | Alley Rose
Grayscale Season | Feel Something New
Greyborn | Scars EP
Grey Skies Fallen | Molded By Broken Hands
Luke Grimes | Luke Grimes
Grouptherapy | The Addendum
Gum.mp3 | Black Life, Red Planet
Najoi Bel Hadj | Wavering
Half Dead Dave | Them Salsa People EP
Jochem Hamerling & Jaap Ligthart | Slope
The Hamiltones | In Space
The Hanging Stars | On A Golden Shore
Harmon | Transitions EP
Dave Harrington, Max Jaffe, Patrick Shiroishi | Speak, Moment
Paula Hartmann | Kleine Feuer
Hakushi Hasegawa | Air Ni Ni Reissue
Hakushi Hasegawa | Somoku Hodo Reissue
Haux | Blue Angeles
Luke Hemmings | Shakes
HJirok | HJirok
Hijss | Stuck On Common Ground
Homeshake | CD Wallet
Eva-Maria Houben + John Hudak | Paloma Wind
Houwitser | Sentinel Beast
John Howard | Single Return
Anja Huwe | Codes
I Am The Intimidator | I Am the Intimidator
Ichillin’ | Feelin’ Hot
Takanori Iwata | Artless
The Jesus & Mary Chain | Glasgow Eyes
HJirok | HJirok
Innuendo | Peace & Love
Kim Hee Jae | 희로애락
Isabella James | The Dancers Reward
The Jesus and Mary Chain | Glasgow Eyes
J1nabae | Midnight Club
Norah Jones | Visions
Alex Jordan | Queen Kerosene
Judas Priest | Invincible Shield
July Talk | Remember Never Before Deluxe Edition
Juno | Bitemytongue
Astrel K | The Foreign Department
MC Kahba | What Could Be Instrumentals
Kelevra | Oneiric
Kilgour | How to Put Your Hat On
Kill The Lights | Death Melodies
The Klittens | Butter EP
Kkkanye | kkk
Knowsum | Snowflakez
Kollapse | AR
Konradsen | Michael’s Book on Bears
Kryptograf | You and I
Kutiman | My Everything feat. Dekel (OMRI. & N.O.Y Edit)
Jon Langford & the Bright Shiners | Where It Really Starts
Lamplight | Lamplight
Laufey | Goddess
Oisin Leech | Cold Sea
Lefto Early Bird | Motherless Father
Hanno Leichtmann / Valerio Tricoli | Cinnte le Dia
David Leon | Bird’s Eye
Leo/need | Leo/need Sekai Album Vol.2
The Libertines | All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade
Lil Chilly | Sit In Silence
Maggie Lindemann | Headsplit EP
Barrio Lindo | Espuma de mar Remixes
Looper | Up A Tree 25th Anniversary Edition
Love Is Yes | Love Is Yes
Peach Luffe | Honey EP
Machinedrum & Tinashe | Zoom
Nan MacMillan | From Both Eyes
Taj Mahal | Swinging’ Live at The Church in Tulsa
Makari | Wave Machine
Matt Maltese | Songs That Aren’t Mine
Mameyudoufu | Ancient Tech
Many Tiny Boxes | Mother Not Even A Face Could Love
Mayday Parade | Mayday Parade Lofi EP
Loreena McKennitt | The Road Back Home
Carmen McRae | Great Women of Song
Meatbodies | Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom
Meklit | Ethio Blue
Merrimack | Of Grace & Gravity
Midnight | Hellish Expectations
Mist Descends | Horizons
Misty Lanes | Colourless Green Ideas
Miya | Miyao
Molten | Malicide
Mong Tong | 銘 Epigraphy
Moonoises | She – The Void
Moor Mother | The Great Bailout
Charles Moothart | Black Holes Don’t Choke
Mumdance | MD002
Mustafa | Imaan
Mxmrys | Black Void Theory EP
Myrath | Karma
Nikki Nair, DJ ADHD | Where U Find This
NateWantsToBattle | Live Long Enough to Become the Hero Slowed & Reverb
Nelward | Ambient 2
Nerd Magnet | Take A Walk Single
Romano Nervoso | From Villarosa to Rotherham
New Junk City & Rutterkin | Split
New Street Adventure | The Big AC
Ninja Sex Party | These Nuts
Noahfinnce | Growing Up On The Internet
Oblique | Past Times Instrumentals
Okvsho | A Place Between Us
Pantheist | Kings Must Die
Peter And The Test Tube Babies | The Complete Singles
Pixies | Pixies At The BBC
Plush | More You Becomes You Reissue
Win Pongsakorn | Time Has Changed
Chris Potter | Eagle’s Point
Powerwasher | Everyone Laughs
Joe Pug | Sketch Of A Promised Departure
Dan Pugach | Bianca
Bolis Pupul | Letter To Yu
Purest Form | Purest Form EP
Il Quadro Di Troisi | La Commedia
Sammy Rae & The Friends | Thieves
Ramirez | From Tha Guttah To Tha Grave
Real Farmer | Compare What’s There
Ricercar Consort | Da Pacem
Ricki-Lee | On My Own
Sean Riley | Stone Cold Hands
The Rolling Stones | Live At The Wiltern
The Rosadocs | Stand Alone
Rosaway | Girl(​s)
Chris Rottmayer | Being
Royal Tusk | Altruistic
The Rhythm Method | Peachy
Ertie Ruffian | Circulación
Sahon | Blood Shall Be Paid
AC Sapphire | Dec. 32nd
Sabine Sauer | Momenti: Werke für Klavier
Sawyer Brown | Desperado Troubadours
Schatterau | Schatterau
Drew Schlesinger | Lost Childhood Vol​.​ 2
Schmack | Orchidée
Yali Sharon | London Tel Aviv
Tony Shhow | Out The Woods
Jae Skeese & Superior | Testament Of The Times
Gabi Sklar | Heartbreak in Heaven
Skeewiff | Something Like That?
Skeletal Remains | Fragments of the Ageless
Eli S-L | You Should Pray I Choose The Latter
Slimelord | Chytridiomycosis Relinquished
Slow Hollows | Bullhead
Soichi Terada | Apes In The Net
Sonata Arctica | Clear Cold Beyond
So Pitted | Cloned
Space Kitchen | What’s Cookin’?
Jay Sparrow | Hard Eight
Species | Forget You
Speedmaster | Dream Panic & For A New Devil
$plit | Rhythm’s But A Myth
Spoonsthefirst | Dragons Deluxe
Squid Pisser | Vaporize A Tadpole
Star•gutter | Perfect Murder Fantasy
Statues | Culture Of Death EP
The Stylistics | Love Is Back In Style
Sunglasses Kid | Sophomore Instrumentals
Susanna | The Harmony of Evening EP
The Swedish Railway Orchestra | Once Upon A Time…
Sweet Teeth | Split Image EP
Jimi Tenor | My Mind
This Rebel | This Rebel
Thought Beings | Sigil
Tomato Flower | No
Too Close To Touch | For Keeps
Torrey | Torrey
Tour-Maubourg | The Panorama Sessions EP
Tripolism, Nandu & Radeckt | Soultrain
TSVI | Mediterraneo EP
Turboprop | A Canadian Songbook
Turbulence | Binary Dream
The Tyde | Season 5
UFO95 | Backward Improvement
Various Artists | Club Moss
Various Artists | Lövely Records: Honor Roll Of Hits
Vicinity | VIII
Virgin Prunes | A New Form Of Beauty Deluxe Edition
Rose Villain | Radio Sakura
Vogue Villains | Built On Bones
Marry Waterson & Adrian Crowley | Cuckoo Storm
Oliver Way | Gamma State EP
The Whitlams | Kookaburra
Whirlwind | Lasting Peace
The Wicked Lo-Down | Out of Line
The Wind Covenant | Hiraeth
Jasmine Wood | Piano Reverb
X Club | Wrestling Witih New Technique
Xikers | House Of Tricky: Trial & Error
Xmal Deutschland | Early Singles (1981-1982)
Xmal Deutschland | Incubus Succubus
Xmal Deutschland | Schwarze Welt
Li Yilei | Nonage
YoungBoy Never Broke Again | Compliments Of Gravedigger Mountain
Young Empress | Ghosts Remix EP Instrumentals
Yung Slayer | No Chance in Hell / Washer
Y U QT | Y’all Ready For Dis
Erich Zann Ensemble | Bieber Sessions
Florian T M Zeisig | Planet Inc
Zensei ゼンセー | Sound Therapy
Emilie Zoé | Hello Future Me: Alternate versions by Christian Garcia​-​Gaucher
Zoid x Seo | Butterflies EP
Zsela | Fire Excape