Canadian Beacon | Skinny Dyck, A Short Walk To Pluto, Wine Lips & More New Homegrown Joys

Stop, children. What’s that sound? Why, it’s the factory whistle, blowing to signal the end of yet another insanely busy week here in the Canadian Beacon quarry — and a sound sure to be followed in short order by the gurgling of a cold beer into a pint glass. But first, let’s imbibe the latest and greatest videos and singles from around and across this fine country of ours. Everybody look what’s goin’ down:


Skinny Dyck | Can’t Change The Colour Of Your Eyes

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Resist the urge to laugh at Skinny Dyck, the playful performing artistic alias of Western Canadian artist Ryan Dyck (or don’t resist; that’s kind of the idea). If you do elect to chew down on the name, it’s likely that a familiar flavour profile comes about — to be expected given his country associations. What began as a side project to his steel guitar-focused pursuits emerged as a principal form of expression, beginning with 2020’s Get to Know Lonesome LP, followed by the Palace Waiting EP in 2022. Today, Dyck is sharing the new single, Can’t Change The Colour Of Your Eyes, a mid-tempo twang pulsator with muted shades of psychedelia. It seems representative of a small retreat from country music — an extended stay at the outdated cabin that leaves you wondering if you ever want to come back home. “I have this guitar that’s setup in D and I kept playing the hook line from the song on it,” Dyck says. “It sounds better lower — closer to the ground, harder to tip over. Lyrically it’s a look in the mirror, which for me at this time was a wet blanket of enlightenment reminding that there are things about yourself that you likely can’t change.”

A Short Walk To Pluto | Everybody Wants To Rule The World

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Formed in 2018 by Emma Armstrong (vocals), Max Kaiser (guitar, keys), Danny Moriana (bass, synths), and Jake Biggs (drums), A Short Walk To Pluto have developed a tremendous social media presence. Though much of their success is owed to their online engagement, it is their genre-defying music and energetic performances that have generated a loyal, consistent, and far-reaching following. Today they reimagine Tears For Fears’ classic Everybody Wants to Rule the World in their own style while highlighting the musical elements that make the sound special; powerful pop vocals, rich guitars, dynamic bass, and driving drums.”

Dead Root Revival | Maybe Baby

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With their debut studio album The Controller’s Exam set for release March 1, Kingston rockers Dead Root Revival offer the preview track Maybe Baby. Dead Root Revival’s creative force, singer-songwriter and guitarist Tom Savage, says of Maybe Baby, “It began its life as a folk song, but then our drummer Bonz Bowering suggested switching up the arrangement to more of a rock feel, like a Rolling Stones or Black Crowes vibe. This decision really turned it into a number that fit into the DRR setlist. Lyrically, it’s a ‘working on a relationship’ song, but not a heartbreak song. One party is attempting to let the other in on their philosophy of life… and from the sounds of it not being very successful.”

The Lucky Ones | Fool’s Gold

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With one month to go before the release of their new EP A Nickel For The Fiddler on March 22, acclaimed Yukon-based bluegrass band The Lucky Ones are sharing the track Fool’s Gold. One of the group’s darker tracks, Fool’s Gold draws from the lore of the band’s home territory, telling the story of prospectors drawn to the Gold Rush, and how that dream eventually faded. A Nickel For The Fiddler was recorded on a hot Tuesday in August 2023, when The Lucky Ones dropped into Ganaraska Recording Co., the studio east of Toronto run by Juno-winning multi-instrumentalist Steve Marriner and guitarist extraordinaire Jimmy Bowskill. Their motive was the time-honored tradition of artists capturing lightning in a bottle while in the midst of a tour, and it indeed proved to be a highly productive day, with the five songs laid down live-off-the-floor now comprising the new EP.”

Wine Lips | Derailers

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto punks Wine Lips have announced that their fourth full-length record, Super Mega Ultra, is due April 5. Recorded by Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack in Ontario, the album is jam-packed with 12 ramped-up supersonic ear-scorching auditory delicacies including Derailer, the opening track and first single. Cam Hilborn (vocals, songwriter, guitar) says: “It might have a few different interpretations but it’s basically about the lengths people will go to to keep up an image or persona while sacrificing physical and mental health to get there. Pushing yourself to the edge until you feel like you’re going to ‘derail’ off the tracks. I find that social media has this effect on people where they feel the need to act and look a certain way and it’s all super-fake and hilarious, it’s essentially a song mocking that lifestyle.”

Goldridge | Burnout

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Goldridge is the pseudonym of Canadian alternative rock artist Andrew Reinhardt. He takes elements of rock ’n’ roll, hip-hop and electronic music and combines them to tell stories of one’s ability to overcome daily obstacles and challenges. His Leave Behind The Darkness EP is an ambitious project in collaboration with producer Sam Arion of Canadian alternative rock band Mute Choir. The six songs feature a high-energy blend of alternative/hard rock sound, combining edgy riffs with upbeat drums and melodic synths. The track Burnout is inspired by the feeling of always wanting more and serves as a reminder to never give up no matter how many times you get kicked down or burn out. The underlying message is to always put everything you’ve got into what you are passionate about.”

Sue Decker | The Lost Ones

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Victoria’s Sue Decker will release her second album Keeping Time on March 22. She collaborated with sought-after roots producer Steve Dawson to record at The Henhouse Studio in Nashville. On stage, Sue’s wit and compassion draw the audience in while traveling through territory that is earthy and beautiful, sometimes dark and gritty, and always life-giving. She is guided by authenticity, a belief that everyone’s story matters, and faith in the eternal power of a song. Her new single The Lost Ones was inspired by the opioid/unhoused crises: “I increasingly witness people in crisis on the streets near where I live,” she says. “Each time, fear and compassion mix with a feeling of powerlessness and lately I started to ask myself, ‘When did it become OK to just walk on by someone in distress?’ And then I think ‘What if it was my friend or family member?’ I have been impacted by mental health and addiction issues in those close to me so the song is infused with personal experiences as well.”

Northern Ranger | Irish Fox

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Northern Ranger, a collective of highly skilled Canadian musicians emerging from the vibrant Toronto jazz scene, were founded by Harry Vetro. Taking a departure from their roots, their second album Taken By Violet narrates Vetro’s travels to Newfoundland, infusing jazz with sounds reminiscent of ’70s pop. This new direction introduces acoustic guitars, vocals, and electronic elements, paying homage to the synth-pop era. Strings, choir vocals, and a brass quartet contribute to the album’s atmospheric presence, while international musicians make fleeting appearances, adding diverse elements to the musical tapestry. The album’s first single Irish Fox serves as a bridge from Vetro’s jazz origins to the innovative sound of the album, exploring themes of inner conflict and the desire for escape.”

Dara Schindelka | Love Is Free

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Dara Schindelka is a Saskatchewan femme folk artist with a touch of the North and the pull of the Prairies. Dara is a classically trained pianist, singer and educator that not only performs but teaches music. Her knowledge and love of music is evident in her compositions and arrangements of both instrumental and vocal works. Her latest track, Love is Free, from her new LP She Imagined, mixes folk songwriting with modern digital instrumentation. No matter how hard extremists try to control others, they will never control the human heart that beats within each of us. Love is, and will always be, free from such systems.”