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Indie Roundup | Five Tracks To Make Your Monday Less Annoying

Wrap up the worst day of the week with Avey Tare, Caress, Ken Yates & others.

Avey Tare overshares, Celestial Ruin kick ash, Ken Yates makes a right and more in today’s Roundup. Hope your Monday was better than mine. I doubt it could have been more annoying — I’ll spare you the details, except for three letters: CRA.

1 | Avey Tare | Conference of Birds

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Avey Tare, aka Dave Portner of Animal Collective, shares the first side of a new 12” EP, Conference of Birds / Birds in Disguise. Framed as two distinct sides, side A’s Conference of Birds and side B’s Birds in Disguise, the new EP features studio recordings of live fan favorites that were originally debuted during tours supporting his solo releases, 2017’s Eucalyptus and this year’s Cows on Hourglass Pond. Speaking on Conference of Birds / Birds in Disguise, Portner said: “Early mornings at the bar. Deep conversations with a stranger. A Disney Night parade gone wrong. The White Album is 2 CDs.”

2 | Celestial Ruin | Heart Shaped Ashes

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Celestial Ruin from Vancouver released their new single Heart Shaped Ashes, produced by Mike Plotnikoff. The visual introspection tells the story of loss and the walk through the painful fire of rediscovering yourself and overcoming the past. Celestial Ruin has been making a name for themselves since they formed in 2012 and shook the local scene with their debut album The Awakening. Celestial Ruin shares the theme behind the single: “The music video for Heart Shaped Ashes is about the battle between who you were in the past and who you are now. It’s about becoming strong enough to let go of the past and the choices you made in the pursuit of love. No matter the cost.”

3 | Ken Yates | Two Wrongs

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Singer-songwriter Ken Yates has spent the past three years sharing his music with fans all over the world. From two tours with award-winning artist Passenger, and supporting the likes of Jenn Grant, Stu Larsen and Rose Cousins, setting aside that studio time just had to wait. Now the wait is over as Yates released his eagerly awaited new single, Two Wrongs, the first taste of new music since 2016’s award-winning album Huntsville. Produced by Jim Bryson, Two Wrongs is a song about two flawed people finding a centre/balance in one another. The new single is accompanied by a beautiful video from director Dustin Foster from Chop & Hue. “The idea for Two Wrongs came as I was sitting in my living room strumming a two chord progression. As I was randomly singing words over a melody, the two chords had this push/pull feeling to them, which made me think of a relationship. I liked the idea of two flawed people finding a centre/balance in one another. That is to say everyone is flawed in some way, but as a couple you can find a weird kind of perfection that exists completely inside the relationship, with both people being the remedy for the other’s pain.”

4 | Flipp | The Ride

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Reactivated Minneapolis alt-rockers Flipp have released a lyric video for The Ride, a brand new track from the compilation release The Best of the Worst of Flipp, in stores now. Formed in 1994 and known for their penchant for elaborate stunts and theatrics, they would find themselves often featured on MTV and other major outlets; the band is also remembered for its love of extreme volume, cartoonish outfits and bizarre onstage behavior; culminating in a style of music which has been described as Cheap Trick meets The Sex Pistols.”

5 | Caress | Love

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Founded by Tara Jane from the Shoegaze/Post-Punk band Blood Candy, Caress is Jane’s new solo project. Her debut single Love is deeply personal for Jane. She explains the inspiration behind the the song. “Love is inspired by personal experiences with emotional vulnerability and fragility. The song lyrics are a reflection on the complications of betrayal. Musically I’ve always been really inspired by avant garde and 1980s dark wave, combining both of these styles with the combination of tragic lyrics and multiple synth layers I felt expressed the complications of betrayal elegantly but with lingering pain.”