The Grindhouse | High On Fire, Yesterday’s Hero, Frogg & More New Abominations

When people ask about my worst interviews, one name that always springs to mind is Dave Lombardo. Back when he was in Slayer, their label wanted me to talk to him about their latest Canadian tour. I was reluctant — drummers are almost always shitty interviews — but I agreed. Bad move. During our 20-minute chat, he put me on hold umpteen times to get the door, call his dog and respond to texts — when he wasn’t answering most of my questions with some variation of ‘I don’t know,’ ‘I don’t write the songs,’ ‘You should ask one of the other guys,’ ‘It’s just a gig for me,’ and ‘I’m only the drummer.’ I don’t know if he hates doing press, or if he was having a crazybusy day and I was just one more headache to deal with. Either way, I suspect the experience was no fun for either of us. Why do I bring this up? Because today is his 59th birthday. I hope he’s having a better day — though honestly, some small part of me also hopes his doorbell, phone and dog keep interrupting whatever he’s doing. And now, let’s blow out the candles and venture into the Grindhouse:


High On Fire | Burning Down

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Iconic U.S. rock band High On Fire will release their new LP Cometh the Storm on April 19. The Grammy-winning group, currently celebrating their 25th anniversary, recorded the LP at GodCity Studio in Salem, Mass. with producer Kurt Ballou. The 11-song effort — the band’s ninth — is their first since 2018’s Electric Messiah and the first to feature drummer Coady Willis (Big Business, Murder City Devils) alongside bassist Jeff Matz and guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike. The album is advanced by the lead track Burning Down, and a haunting, fever-dream video, directed by Lars Kristoffer Hormander. “Burning Down kicks off with a classic Pike riff,” says Matz. “I think this song harkens back to the early High On Fire sound, but infused with fresh, new elements. It has a killer groove that you can really sink into.”

Yesterday’s Hero | Killing Me

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After releasing their debut album Ways To Hate this past November, Ohio alt-metal quintet Yesterday’s Hero have a new video to share for the song Killing Me. The song was one of the first the band ever wrote and was originally the title track of their debut 2021 EP. For the new album, it was re-recorded and selected as the opening title of the record to set its tone. “Drive and groove is what you’ll get. Lyrically you will hear a man grasping the reality that the relationship is tearing him apart,” they say. Ways To Hate features seven hard-knocking tracks that take listeners through the emotions of a struggling bleeding heart at the end of a tumultuous relationship. Musically, it’s a fusion of high-energy grooves with timeless melodies to get your blood pumping.”

Frogg | Dandelion

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Frogg is a modern progressive and experimental technical trio in the New York metropolitan area. The concept behind the band is simple: Create modern heavy music while showing some originality in an often-over-processed genre. They released their debut EP A Reptilian Dystopia in 2019 and will deliver their first full-length this summer. Today, Frogg divulge the second preview of their yet-to-be-titled album. Entitled Dandelion, the track conveys one of the big messages of their music: To rebel against the structured process of being slowly worked to death. It’s smooth, yet technical and ready to take you on an intensive sprint of emotions, but also bring you to a calm retirement. Adds vocalist/guitarist Sky Moon Clark: “Dandelion brings a much darker palette when compared to our previous single Wake Up, and features a lot of fun technical musical moments.”

While She Sleeps | To The Flowers

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Already one of British metal’s biggest names, While She Sleeps are set to take things to the next sonic level on March 29 with their new album Self Hell. The band’s ambitious approach is simple: Make everything bigger and more unpredictable than ever before. To The Flowers continues the maximalist ethos of their recent singles. Opening with spoken words from the philosopher and spiritual leader Jiddu Krishnamurti, To The Flowers finds cohesion in chaos. Drawing upon an ever-expanding maelstrom of influences, their renowned mix of screaming with melodic textures, punk energy, synths and metallic breakdowns. The result again heightens expectations for the boundary-breaking scope of the Self Hell album. Guitarist Sean Long says, “As much as we love a good breakdown and heavy riff, a lot of our passion lies within emotive musical pieces. This song has nearly brought us all to tears multiple times simply because it touches something in us that we hold very dear. A pain we all know and have felt down to our deepest core. The essence of our personal pain expressed in music is what the band is all about. Talking about the things we know are difficult but necessary.”

Tigers On Opium | Diabolique

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Portland heavy merchants Tigers On Opium have released a new single from their forthcoming debut album Psychodrama, due March 1. Embrace the power of Diabolique now. Frontman Juan Carlos Caceres says: “It started off as a pentatonic-style guitar riff and it quickly laid itself out as a driving hard rock song. The guitar harmonies add a dark overtone and the non-stop drive from the drums and bass got me thinking about propaganda and how it propels any given narrative to the population. Lyrically, I wanted to explore the public manipulation by governments, religious organizations, corporate media, and the filthy rich… And how propaganda can fracture society and cause us all to tear each other apart. This is something that has affected everyone throughout human history.”

Necronomicon Ex Mortis | My Bloody Valentine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Formed out of the love for classic death metal, ’80s shred worship, and creating gory lyrics about B-horror movies, Chicago’s Necronomicon Ex Mortis unleashed two EPs in 2023 — a self-titled effort and Silver Bullet. With roughly 69 songs ready to go that are both terrifying and titillating, these horror fiends are previewing their first track of 2024 with a brutal tribute to Cupid. Named after the 1981 film, My Bloody Valentine takes you back to the gory glory days of slashers, early death metal, and screaming solos. The band are in full force, delivering nothing short of a head-banging, neck-twisting, chest eviscerating bloody behemoth.”

Kelevra | Cleanse With Fire

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Kelevra are a melodic, progressive force radiating from the cold windswept Canadian prairies. They have made a name for themselves nationally with high-caliber live shows and two well-produced EPs. This March, they continue to cement their place in the metal world with the first full-length album Oneiric, which flaunts more of the riveting harmonies, aggressive riffs, and powerful lyrics that they have come to be known for. They comment on the new single Cleanse With Fire: “This track is always an absolute technical burner to play — showcasing the breakneck tempos, varied and deft leaps between riffs, searing leads, and then wide-ranging shifts in feel and technique. The single showcases everything we are known for with this one – from all-out aggression one minute, undeniable grooves, and unexpected progressive and spacious explorations the next. The frantic and frenzied nature of the song reflects the ticking clock towards doomsday, and the listener must reconcile their place amidst the madness.”

Metro Society | Pieces Of The Past

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Metro Society, formed from the longstanding friendship between Chris Mangold and Ian Ringler, bring a rich history of musical collaboration to the forefront. The duo, known for their early endeavors in various garage/basement bands, have resurfaced with a captivating second album that explores the darker side of London’s history. Set for release on March 1, The London Conspiracy Chapter I: 1898 looks towards a new century as the Victorian age draws to an end, and an up-and-coming detective is thrown into a murder mystery. The band opens up about the latest single Pieces Of The Past: “This is the epic of the album. This song ranges from the up-tempo heavy hitting to progressively synced parts and incredible lead vocals and vocal harmonies. We consider it to be a type of showcase song as each member of the band has a few moments to shine on their respective instruments or talents.”

Blood Opera | Killer Klowns From Outer Space (ft. John Massari)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto horror fiends Blood Opera will unleash their first album Songs in the Key of Death on Feb. 24. Paying tribute to the genre films they love and mixing metal with the macabre, these purveyors of self-describe “dead metal” are sharing their next cut off the forthcoming record with the cover of the theme song for the 1988 American horror classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Add the band: “This is a cover of The Dickies’ song from the film of the same name. It features guest keyboard work by the composer of the OST, John Massari.”

Midnight | Nuclear Savior

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Cleveland’s favorite filth metal merchants, Midnight, unleash Nuclear Savior. The latest single comes by way of the band’s forthcoming Hellish Expectations full-length set to drop March 8. Midnight have been slaying the metal/punk underground with their own addictive brand of lust, grime, and sleaze dating back to the band’s inception. Filthy, belligerent, and obnoxious, Midnight make music to start fights to.”

As I May | The Last Breath

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Finnish horrorcore squad As I May unveil the title track of their yet-to-be-released third LP. The song is the first fresh music since releasing their 2022 standalone single Traitor and the album Karu. Combining modern low riffs with a little taste of deathcore — plus synths that bring horror sweeps and atmosphere — As I May’s horrorcore sound on The Last Breath delivers a catchy sing-along chorus with its chaos. Singer-guitarist Lasse Hiltunen adds: “We are really excited that we can finally bring this horrorcore sound to fans, this track is about bringing your worst fears to reality and makes you face them and will have you scared for days.”