The Grindhouse | Strigampire, Borknagar, Ghøstkid & More New Brutality

That’s right — it’s a metal roundup on a Tuesday. You got a problem with that? Kindly email your concerns to While you compose your thoughts, why not peruse the latest, greatest, loudest and nastiest customers to enter The Grindhouse? They don’t play by your rules either:


Strigampire | Brave The Tempest

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian metal act Strigampire released their third album All To Dominate in December. The record is a musical explosion that straddles the line between death metal and black metal, while new single Brave The Tempest is a melancholic track that offers melodic introspection. Vocalist Steve DC says: “In the final track of the album, I share my perspective on the importance of being attentive to external signs that indicate the need for a change in order to achieve inner well-being. There is a slower-paced refrain, tinged with melancholy, where hope and determination linger. This song encourages us to rise up and confront life with a determined attitude. I quickly got to the refrain to explain why, in my opinion, it’s our ballad, but in reality, the song is very energetic and mainly composed of catchy riffs.”

Borknagar | Nordic Anthem

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Norway’s pioneers of avant-garde / progressive black metal Borknagar will release their 12th album Fall on Feb. 23. Today, they deliver the album’s second preview single Nordic Anthem, along with a video by Marius Martinsen, Kenneth Williams and Lars A. Nedland. Borknagar say: “So many gods. So many beliefs. So much conflict. Nordic Anthem is about rejecting any kind of doctrine, religious or political. It’s about going to your own nature, your inner core, and finding strength and freedom. Our perspective is a northern one — we’re from the north, after all — but this is a firm stance that is universally applicable. It’s about finding and trusting your own values, your own heritage, and standing up against gods and authorities trying to push doctrine to control you, or corrupt you. This is our collective anthem. We won’t bend our knee to any god!”

Ghøstkid | FSU

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The biggest problem that art has nowadays is that it doesn’t hurt anymore,” says Ghøstkid vocalist and agent provocateur Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler. “Especially here in Germany, people are so afraid to push boundaries. To make art that makes you think and feel.” By fall 2021, with the world shutdown easing, Sushi decamped to L.A. Hollywood sleaze, decaying glamour, personal temptation and the still-vibrant creative vibes of the city inspired their upcoming albm Hollywood Suicide. Today brings the video for their new single. “FSU describes the raw and aggressive lifestyle of not giving a shit about anything and just do whatever you want”, comments Biesler. “The track was inspired by The Joker from Batman and the pure chaos and anarchy that the character is representing. Even if the lyrics circle around self-destructive behavior, the song is more about the feeling of freedom by dismissing the rules. It’s a track about being a misfit and taking back your power, about being yourself, getting rid of labels and becoming independent — basically a big fuck you…”

Saint Asonia | Wolf (ft. John Cooper)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hard rock juggernaut Saint Asonia — comprised of Adam Gontier (ex-Three Days Grace) and Mike Mushok (Staind), along with Cole Gontier (bass) and Cody Watkins (drums) — have shared the video for the new version of their song Wolf, featuring guest vocals from Skillet‘s John Cooper. The collaboration was born when both bands toured together last year. “The video for Wolf was shot live on Nov. 22 in Salem, Virginia,” says frontman Gontier. “It was a really special night. We had John Cooper get up and perform Wolf with us for the shoot, which we hadn’t done on the tour up to that point. And let me tell you, John is a pro. He brought such a high level of intensity to the stage that night. We all just fed off each other’s energy, and you can definitely see and feel that in this video.”

Eregion | Kingdom Of Heaven

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Heavy/power metal band Eregion are out to captivate fans with their single Kingdom Of Heaven. Thie track offers a powerful blend of distinctive power metal tones, coupled with the band’s signature epic flair, creating a gripping musical journey. As a precursor to an album due in spring, Kingdom Of Heaven marks a definitive shift in the band’s sound, featuring more pronounced power metal elements.”

Omnivide | Holy Killer

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In 2020, Moncton progressive metal band Omnivide emerged from the remnants of the Opeth Tribute project Sunbird. Seeking to move beyond paying homage to their influences, they dedicated themselves to crafting a unique sound all their own. The results are being presented this spring with their debut album A Tale of Fire, which balances heavy, technical, and symphonic elements in a cohesive and intriguing progressive package. First single Holy Killer was one of the first tracks written as a band, so it makes sense that it is the initial introduction to Omnivide. They explain: “This song was written early in the album-making process and was one of those songs that helped us define our sound. The song tells the story of a man who has done terrible deeds in his lifetime in the name of the deities he worships, expecting a place amongst those deities in the afterlife. The song reflects this dark theme melodically, being composed of dark, grandiose sections and more brutal, in-your-face riffing that illustrate the various stages of this story.”

Glitter Wizard | Worship The Devil

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “San Francisco rock ’n’ roll machine Glitter Wizard are gearing up for the vinyl reissue of their sophomore album Hunting Gatherers on March 22. Originally released in 2012, Hunting Gatherers has now been remastered, and includes a bonus track taken from the original sessions. Enter their glittery whirlwind with Worship The Devil. Says keyboardist Doug Graves: “This album was a natural for Glitter Wizard, its making as organic and effortless as the creative process can be. It reflected the musical goals of all the members and fully established the sound and vision we wanted to present. To me, it’s the quintessential Glitter Wizard and the best entry point to the band for new listeners.”

Pyramid | Solar Flare

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Nuremberg instrumental psychedelic rock trio Pyramid will release their sophomore full-length Beyond Borders Of Time on March 22. They say: “Stepping into the future with new music can only bring more/new beautiful moments and memories. Our Pyramid stores and produces positive vibes inside itself and this energy is for all to be used however you like, healing, meditation or just to embark on a journey.” Beyond Borders Of Time is the followup to their 2019 debut Mind Maze. A mesmerizing journey through stoner psychedelia and progressive rock, it weaves a kaleidoscopic landscape that unfolds like a sonic travel through time and space. Their craftsmanship and heady grooves make them a must-have for fans of bands like My Sleeping Karma or Yawning Man.”

Sinnery | Below The Summit

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After uUnleashing their thrash madness in September with their latest EP Below The Summit, Israel’s Sinnery took down the music as war broke out. But now thrash fans can rejoice; the music is  back on digital platforms. The EP picks up where Sinnery’s 2022 album Black Bile left off, continuing their self-actualization journey through searing guitar work, pummeling basslines, and vocals that cut through like a razor. The band say: “This record marks another important milestone in our lives and careers as we continue to explore further and expand the horizons of what Sinnery’s music can be. We put a lot of thought and effort into Below The Summit to try and get everything we can into it. We sat for hours producing it and sharpening every riff or word in it to make it an experience like we never did before. BTS is a moment in time when we didn’t know exactly how things will turn out for us, we were isolated in our homes when we began writing this, sharing ideas from afar. It was a special experience for us to write this record like this and we feel like we really put that into it.”