Para Lia Explain Themselves To Mr. Perry

The German post-punk duo offer an ode to all the indie rockers with their new video.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Zeitgeist — what does that actually mean? Who decides what corresponds to the zeitgeist and what doesn’t? And isn’t it much better to ignore the zeitgeist and do your own thing instead? Like Para Lia. Since their founding in 2018, the indie-rock duo of René Methner and his wife Cindy from Cottbus have been making music far away from the mainstream. Ddespite this, or perhaps because of it, the whole world is listening. With their third album In Clash With The Zeitgeist, Para Lia now dare to take big steps and do new things.

The catchy single and video Mr. Perry — showcasing today on Tinnitist — is dedicated to a British friend who supported the band with a lot of energy during the release of the last album. According to René, the song is “an ode to all indie rockers out there. A head-up song that says stay authentic, even if the road is sometimes rocky and hard.” As the song says: “Our currency is passion, our brand is a distorted chord.”

Watch the video for Mr. Perry above, listen to In Clash With The Zeitgeist below, and explain yourself to Para Lia on their website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


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