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DIY Discovery | One In The Chamber

Hear your favourite FM rock station's entire playlist condensed into one band.

Most of the music I hear is sent to me by labels and publicists. But there’s nothing like getting it straight from the source. Welcome to today’s instalment of DIY Discovery, where I introduce you to artists who have sent me their music directly (and who don’t suck — that’s definitely part of the deal too). If you’d like to get in on this action, no problemo: Just click here, fill out the form and hit send. Or email me directly. I can’t promise I’ll feature you, but if you’re as awesome as you think you are, it could happen. You never know. But first, check out the straight shooters below:

NAME: One In The Chamber

HOME: Toronto, Ont.

LATEST RELEASE: The five-song EP I’ve Got Something To Say …

MY PITHY DESCRIPTION: Young guns packing heat.

FIVE ADJECTIVES FOR THEIR MUSIC: Dynamic, swaggering, vintage, economical, crowd-pleasing.

WHO THEY SOUND LIKE: Your favourite FM classic-rock station’s entire drive-time playlist condensed into one band.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “With influences from all over the musical spectrum — ranging from Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens Of The Stone Age and SoundgardenOne In The Chamber has found a distinct and modern sound that feels reminiscent of flipping through old vinyl. In the past three years, the band has relentlessly performed throughout Toronto at acclaimed venues such as The Horseshoe Tavern, The Hideout and The Opera House, while also hitting up cities outside the GTA, including Burlington, Brantford, Oshawa, Ottawa, and even an international stop at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“Along with performing at an array of festivals — Sound Of Music Fest, Lockdown Festival, Blackout Fest, The Bout and Epidemic Music Group’s Guinness World Record-breaking concert — the band has opened for international artists such as former Ted Nugent vocalist Derek St. Holmes, Darby Mills, Dreamkiller and most notably, Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts at what would tragically be his final performance.

“Having released The Boston Session: Bootleg Demos, a small collection of demos recorded in Massachusetts with former Bang Tango guitarist Scott LaFlamme, and a live album, Live From The Rockpile, in 2017, One In The Chamber is raising the bar for what fans can expect from them with I’ve Got Something To Say… a modern take on some of rock & roll’s greatest eras.”