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Albums Of The Week: Fuzztones | Encore

The New York garage-rock legends have it covered on this EP of unreleased gems.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Who doesn’t love a good encore? The dramatic, exhilarating return to the stage after a brief respite. But, of course, as longtime veterans of both stage and studio The Fuzztones know, the best encores always announce themselves as such — no faux retirements or false farewells — just a short pause before offering up a little something extra to show appreciation to those fans who have stuck around for this long.

And so, The Fuzztones are proud to announce a new release called Encore, a collection of unreleased tracks packaged together as a way to say thank you to the faithful who have followed and supported the band through the years. The collection kicks off with an original track written by founder Rudi Protrudi, the groovy rocker Barking Up The Wrong Tree. With a fuzzed-out guitar lick backed with vintage organ, the track is everything there is to love about The Fuzztones.

The remainder of Encore consists of cover versions of obscure gems such as Land Of Nod by Rare Earth, Plastic People by late ’60s psych rockers The Wildwood and others. It also features special guest appearances by Steve Mackay of The Stooges and Wally Waller of The Pretty Things.”