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Next Week in Music | Dec. 18-24 • The Long List: 75 Releases On The Way

Do you hear what I hear?

Do you see what I see? That’s right: It’s the final pre-holiday list of 75 albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week. Ho ho ho:



Act Tragic | In The Afterlife
Angel Face | Angel Face
The Armoires | Music & Animals
Basic Rhythm | King Ubu
Bishu | BXU II
Bloodblixing | How The Blix Stole Christmas Gangsta Edition
Błoto | Szlam / Ścieki
Bruhnamegod | Come Together
Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze | The Fractal Ouroboros
Bun B & Statik Selektah | Trillstatik 3
Calmus | Lost Signal
The Cavemen | Ca​$​h 4 Scrap LP
Chalk Talk | Sometimes I Call You
Chrome | Blue Exposure
Cłoudiè | Dustheads
Matt Citron | Boom Smash
Conway The Machine & Wun Two | Palermo
Darko the Super featuring Homeboy Sandman | Now!
Descent | Far From Glory EP Reissue
Doctrina Natura | Perpendicular Souls
John Ellis & His Quartet | Bizet: Carmen in Jazz
Alexis Evans | The Blars Sessions
The Features | Some Kind of Salvation Remastered
La Fève | 24
Flaming Ouroboros | Anthems for Brotherhood
JK Flesh | PI11 [​π​11]
Food Heaven Grocery | Convoy
Funeral Vomit | Monumental Putrescence
FunnyMan | FunnyMan Sees Geese
Georgia + Dove | Air from Air
Amanda Gonsales | Sacro EP Reissue
Grave Gnosis | Pestilence Crowned
MC Gr1m3s | Honestly, Nevermind
G’s Us | What Them Dogs Don’t Know They Know
HanahakiBeatz | Western Hummingbird
In The Blue Shirt | Cold December EP
Travis Japan | Road to A
Kabab | Spacehall Cafe
Kartky | Depresja
Küken | Küken Reissue
Lord Leopard | Club Saturn (ft. Conal Kelly)
Pep Love | Acres of Diamonds
Manginie | Frostbitten Crescendo
Victor McKnight | Darker Side of Me
Mearr | Alll Earss
MKUltra | Human n The Machine
Allen Moore | _1984
Dorothy Moskowitz | Rising to Eternity
NateWantsToBattle | Bokurano (My Hero Academia)
NateWantsToBattle | White Noise (Tokyo Revengers)
NCT 127 | Be There For Me
The New Atlas | Lost & Found
Nikowoodyear | Project Neon
Organ Dealer | The Weight Of Being
Quadrey | ASMR
Quare | Paris
Raw Takes | Rock Ur Body
Ben Richter | Aurogeny
Serpents Oath | Revelation
Loris Tils | Mystic Bayou
Toktok | Tweng Remixes
TV Torrance | More To Desire
Variát & Merzbow | Unintended Intention
Various Artists | Aztec Records Best Of 2023
Various Artists | Bad Time Records: This Is The New Tone
Venom Symbiote | By Punching Depths
Vv.johnda | Flexx Musik
Wonderlands x Showtime | Mr. Showtime / Hakoniwa No Coral
Woodz | Amnesia
Xzeannoonn | Where Do I Go From Here
Yfel | Beneath The Mountain’s Vigil
Khris YokiTunes | The Magical Gift Of Experience
Yung Snoozy | Grounded Dawg
Zitter | Bubblegum God