Tuesday Mixtape (Side 3) | 60 Songs That Can’t Lose


Did you hear that Nikki Sixx is writing a children’s book? No, I’m not kidding. Reportedly, he says it’s going to be about “this little girl who goes to all of these countries in her imagination.” I can only assume that during these travels, she starts a sleaze-rock band, has sex with countless strippers, ODs on heroin … and then lives happily ever after. Sounds like a winner to me. Much like the 60 new singles, videos, cover tunes and remixes in today’s playlist. As usual, there are plenty of songs here that you won’t find anywhere else. Today’s Tinnitist-approved cuts are flagged with a 👑. And now, on with our story:



👑 23 | The Ocean Collective | Jurassic | Cretaceous

24 | Kandia | Fight Or Flight

25 | Aethereus | Behold, The World Eater

26 | Restless Spirit | Blood of the Old Gods

27 | Sunfall | Seducer

28 | Hogtooth | Plaguing the Free

29 | Eye Flys | Dead Larvae

30 | Fallen Stars | November

31 | Hell’s Corononation | Mephistophelic Baptism


32 | Baba Ali | Got An Idea (Live at Moth Club)


33 | Hayley and the Crushers | Click and Act Now!

34 | One Hidden Frame | Run To The Rescue With Love