Marsha Swanson Looks For Her Happy Ever After

The London singer-songwriter reflects on life's plot twists in her latest single.

Marsha Swanson reminds you life is not a fairy-tale in her heartfelt new single and video Happy Ever After — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Following the footsteps of her previous releases Not You and Facing Life, this track is a fresh glimpse into the London singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Near Life Experience. The essence of Happy Ever After is a powerful emotive passage that ignites from the first note, sweeping you into a world of resplendent piano harmonies and melodies. The rhythmic drums create an unwavering heartbeat, propelling the song forward, while Marsha’s piercing vocals aim for the core of one’s soul.

Happy Ever After is a song about adapting to changes in expectation throughout life,” she explains. “Every time there’s an unexpected life event, whether a relationship break-up, a premature death, or an ambition we either did or didn’t fulfil, it can confront us with our own mortality. In this song, it was ignited by the act of parenting a parent. It is a reflection of the human experience and an example of what I mean by a ‘near life experience.’ ”

Watch the video for Happy Ever After above, hear more from Marsha Swanson below, and keep up with her on her website, Facebook and Instagram.


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