Ron Kalmakoff Celebrates Christmas Once Again

The B.C. singer-songwriter recalls merry holidays past in his first seasonal single.

Ron Kalmakoff shares happy holiday memories in his nostalgic new seasonal single Christmas Once Again — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

If the Canadian singer-songwriter’s debut holiday release sounds just a tad familiar, no wonder — he adapted an earlier single titled Where The Willows Bend for the song, changing the wistful lyrics into a song that reflects and evokes joyful memories of the season.

“When writing the lyrics to Christmas Once Again,” he says, “I recollected my own December memories with those I love and some who are now gone, family gatherings, and holiday memories with friends. Looking through old Christmas photos and feeling the joy from the past was a big part of my inspiration.”

The theme of reflecting on memories and love from Christmases past — and yearning for those who may no longer be around — prevails in Kalmakoff’s lyrics. Matched with gentle guitar strums and the sounds of faint Christmas bells, he sings:

“Moments so close
When love would fill my heart
Not long ago, we were never apart
To live that life once more, the gift that joy would bring
I want to believe in Christmas once again.
We see only in front of us, never looking behind
Take a step back, remember what was
It was an innocent time.”

“Christmas traditions are very meaningful to me, and ones that have been passed on from different generations are important,” Kalmakoff says, hoping his new song will become a tradition. “It’s all been done with love, and I hope that what I bring to each holiday season, through this song, will be remembered as well.” As a wink to his fans who encouraged the new track, he adds “At least I can now say that I have my very own Christmas song, and I hope followers who enjoy it will put it on repeat for holidays seasons ahead.”

Watch the video for Christmas Once Again above, hear more from Ron Kalmakoff below, and find him on his website, Instagram and Facebook.


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