LostsOfficial Wonders: Are You Gonna Do Me Dirty?

The emerging Toronto singer-songwriter offers up a vibrant, forward-thinking single.

LostsOfficial comes clean about his romantic concerns in his new single Do Me Dirty — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest release from the emerging Toronto singer-songwriter, Do Me Dirty finds the 19 year old blending various musical styles into one cohesive whole. Anchored in pop, Do Me Dirty aims to grab your attention by pushes the boundaries of contemporary music. The track weaves an infectious beat, a memorable vocal, a commanding bassine and electronic elements together into a vibrant, forward-thinking creation.

The song’s lyrics express a situation where one is longing for love, but is blocking the emotion from coming out due to previous heartbreak. LostsOfficial also draws inspiration from various musical greats, including Lauv and Charlie Puth, while carving out a unique path that introduces fresh and innovative undertones.

Do Me Dirty follows a trail of singles, including Bite Me — which has amassed over 140,000 streams and gained viral popularity — along with the equally popular Me & You and Yes or No.

Check out Do Me Dirty above, hear more from LostsOfficial below and find him on his website.


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