Canadian Beacon | Jiants, Boy Golden, Pink Mountaintops & More New Homegrown Sounds

This week has been another marathon of too much work and not enough me to go around. So I’m glad to see the end of it. But not before I treat you to the latest and greatest new tracks from coast to coast to coast. Welcome to the weekend, eh?


Jiants | The Hard Way

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Jiants are a three piece indie-pop band from Toronto, led by the songwriting of ex-professional skateboarder Jesse Landen. Their fourth LP Tall Tales was engineered and produced by Gavin Gardiner (The Wooden Sky). The Hard Way is basically a classic “get your girl back” song. It’s about realizing you have a special bond with someone and deciding whether to step forward with them or leave each other behind forever, with the knowledge that if you attempt this relationship again it’s either going to be the best decision you ever made or destroy you both completely.”

Swiims | In Puzzles

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Drawing influence from a diverse spectrum of artists, Toronto’s Swiims blends elements of ’80s new wave, ’90s shoegaze, indie rock, brit pop and dream pop together to arrive at a sound that is all their own. Love, loss, loneliness, self-isolation, beauty, joy, nostalgia and remembrance: Their first full-length Into The Blue Night was inspired by bits of all of these emotions and how they intersected during the pandemic. Opening track In Puzzles, serves as an uplifting introduction and encapsulates the sense of freedom, lightness and excitement in a blossoming romance. It’s optimistic, with the euphoric guitar riff hitting you right in the heart, the verses wrapping you in a cozy blanket and the chorus feeling like levitation.”

Moonriivr | Flowers On The Fire Escape

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Moonriivr’s debut LP Vol. 1 is out today, along with the video for Flowers On The Fire Escape, a song that “came at a time in my life when, whether I knew it or not, change was around the corner,” says songwriter Gavin Gardiner. “I felt that I was writing a clever song about climate change and social justice, but now I hear in it my longing for connection. The pain and struggle in the world at the time, as well as in my personal life. There were friendships lost, mistakes made, and the feeling of bracing myself for a new beginning. It’s a lot to pack into a four minute song built around an upright bass and the bongo’s but it’s all in there and it’s one of my favorites on the album.”

Ash Molloy | I Knew

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Saying all the things we’re afraid to say out loud, Ash Molloy bleeds authenticity and induces goosebumps for anyone lucky enough to see her live in these early days. Not fitting the mold of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Ash is making a name for herself with her mesmerizing live show, powerhouse vocals, poignant lyrics, and sheer tenacity to get her message out into the world. Vulnerable, raw, and unfiltered in her approach to music, she bares it all with her deep-cut takes on sexuality, body-shame, and life as a woman. I Knew is a vulnerable song that speaks to negative self-talk and trusting your gut.”

Echoes Of… | Dead Or Dying (Winter Version)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Echoes Of…, the new project fronted by the vocals of Andrew Morrison (Jerry Cans, Terry Uyarak, Aakuluk Music) are sharing the single Dead Or Dying (Winter Version), which arrives alongside the announcement of a debut album, Euphemisms, out Jan. 26. “Dead or Dying is a song that honours the uniquely beautiful feelings of rage and grief,” says Morrison. “This song was sparked by the passing of my mother, and fuelled through reflecting on the growing list of amazing friends who fight ongoing daily battles… with the world and with themselves, it is also partly dedicated to the many other beautiful souls who have given into their fight. This song is part therapy to express rage about loss, grief about the end of eras, rage about loss of childhood friends in my community, but also rage about death of people I don’t even know in international communities. Rage about the demolition of communities and cultures. At home and abroad.”

Moonshine, Amaal Nuux & Aluna | Pain & Pleasure (ft. Vanyfox & Fédération Internationale du Bruit)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Multi-award-winning artist Aluna announces the launch of her record label Noir Fever. The label will celebrate Black dance music, with a focus on Black women and LGBTQ+ artists. The first project signed to Noir Fever is Moonshine, a Montreal collective made up of like-minded musicians, DJs, dancers, and visual artists. Their first single Pain & Pleasure features Juno-nominated, Somali-Canadian artist Amaal Nuux alongside Portuguese-Angolese artist Vanyfox and Aluna herself.”

Naghmeh | Burn

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Naghmeh is an Iranian-Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and community organizer. She began performing as a solo artist in 2016 while living in San Francisco, and decided to abandon the corporate grind to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. After a year on the road, Naghmeh moved back to Montreal, assembled a band, performed in every corner of the city, and recorded, co-produced and released her debut album, Naghmeh and the Southern Shores, in 2019. “In 2019, I left an abusive relationship and in the rush to move out and distance myself from the person, I left a lot of things behind. Those objects became a thread connecting me to that ex and became his excuse to remain in touch, only to make me relive those traumatic experiences. One day, I realized I had started a whole new life and didn’t need any of the things that connected me to that home and that relationship, and I felt ready to let it all go and burn it.”

Robert Connely Farr | Night Train

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The most intriguing part of this process for me was that these sessions were modeled after our time down in Bentonia playing with Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes and RL Boyce,” explains Vancouver bluesman Robert Connely Farr. “You set up, start playing and the songs come. Sure, there’s lots of covers and stuff ,but the magical part of those nights are the songs that show up that weren’t written yet. That’s what this album is, all unwritten / unrehearsed material that originated from us just sitting down to play. We are very interested in capturing the song at its point of origin. Gratitude to Jay Bundy Johnson for making this happen — he set up, tracked, recorded and mixed the whole thing. Jay is a respected Canadian musician and artist, was a critical part of the legendary Canadian alt-country outfit The Blue Shadows and worked with the late Billy Cowsill for over a decade.”

Pink Mountaintops | Cherry

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Pink Mountaintops, the visionary musical collective known for their groundbreaking sound and creative spirit, are thrilled to announce their latest musical release Cherry, featuring their unique spin on J.J. Cale’s 1976 Troubadour deep cut. Cherry showcases the incredible talent of the band, with the track featuring Ryan Weinberg (Coffin Prick & Cavity), Evan Roberts (Joel Jerome & Michael Nau), and Graham Gibson (Sunset Rubdown & Disappears). This interpretation brings a fresh and exciting perspective to a timeless song. Stephen McBean, the creative force behind Pink Mountaintops, adds: “Many moons ago, Jagjaguwar co-head honcho Chris Swanson slid the idea of covering J.J. Cale into my subconscious future ideas file cabinet. Pleased I found that dusty note and set up some mics around talented and trusted friends.”

Fucked Up | What The Sun Saw

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:What the Sun Saw, the third of three new Fucked Up singles, is now available to stream wherever you listen to music. Together with Show Friends and Spot the Difference, What the Sun Saw is the final piece from Fucked Up’s self-released 7” of new songs originating from the One Day sessions. The songs on the Show Friends 7” are as varied and thrilling as their counterparts on One Day, from the delirious and speedy punk of Show Friends to the signature guitar tapestries and psychedelic grooves of Spot the Difference and What the Sun Saw.”

No Waves | Postcard EP

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Young Montreal punk-rock trio No Waves formed in their early teens back in 2017. Composed of longtime friends Sam Sussman (drums/vocals), Angel Parra Vela (guitar/vocals) and Cyril Harvin Musgni (bass), they create a massively energetic, raw and authentic sound that is all their own. Today, the band dropped their new EP Postcard. Made up of songs written years ago, originally with plans of recording before the pandemic, Postcard was reworked to resemble the way the group play now and sounds like the energy of their shows.”

Boy Golden | Aeroplane Song

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Baby picked me up at the airport / I could see them waiting outside / Sitting on the tarmac in New York / Baby’s come to give me a ride / Nothing gets me higher than aeroplanes / Except the way you’re looking at me / Nothing keeps me up like an all night flight / Nothing makes me feel so free.”

Rumble Wagon | Through The Dark

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Rumble Wagon are an electrifying Americana, roots, folk and soul band hailing from Hamilton. Known for their infectious melodies and captivating performances, The Rumble Wagon draw inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including the legendary Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison and Cake, along with the modern stylings of Counting Crows. The band’s unique sound is a testament to their eclectic musical tastes, which also incorporate unexpected sources such as old telephones, TV static, underwater cop dramas, and broken lenses. This fusion of traditional and experimental elements creates an immersive sonic experience that is truly one-of-a-kind. “Overall the themes are more hopeful, reverent that we are mired in some regards, but music and art will provide some solace,” the band say. “The Rumble Wagon will be a shaky ride but she’ll get you there.”