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Next Week in Music | July 3-9 • The Long List: 260 Releases On The Way

Summertime, and the living is easy. Also easy: Finding something to love among the 260 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week. See for yourself:



Fred Abbott + The Wild Unknown | Shining Under the Soot
Alexander Adams and Seth Andrew Davis | Epcot Puppet Finger Clicks
African Head Charge | A Trip To Bolgatanga
Omar Ahmad | Inheritance
Alayna | Self Portrait Of A Woman Unravelling
Alba | Le Bon Sens EP
Alienator | World of Hate
A Life Divided | Down The Spiral Of A Soul
Tony Allen / Adrian Younge | Jazz Is Dead 18
All For Metal | Legends
Aluna | Mycelium
Amaara | Child Of Venus
Siavash Amini | Eidolon
Trey Anastasio Band | July 7, 2023 | Stone Pony Summer Stage, Asbury Park, N.J.
Andi + Machino | Parafernales EP
Anohni & The Johnsons | My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross
The Art of Boo | Kaput
Art Programming | Art Programming
Niv Ast | Tutto Bene (ft. Ruty Klein)
Astra King | First Love EP
Aubs Eternal | City Of Orpheus
Autodealer | Circumstances
Bad History Month | True Delusion
Jalen Baker | Be Still
Stu Bangas | God’s Carpenter
Caterina Barbieri | Ecstatic Computation Reissue
Bass Dreams Minus B | Oyaji Rock
Bastard Salt | Secret Moon EP
Batty Jr. | DO A U E!
Jenny Besetzt | Goner Single
Jo Bissa x Kan | Losean
Blackbraid | Blackbraid II
Abbey Blackwell | My Maze
Bruno Blanc, Holmes John, Tom Evans | You Gonna Want Me (ft. Mack Moses)
Bloodbound | Tales From The North
Anthony Boccaleoni | Love Away
François Bourassa | Swirl: Live at Piccolo
Lauren Bousfield | Salesforce
Braxe + Falcon | Step By Step Remixes
Pablo Brooks | Pleaser EP
Jackson Browne | Running On Empty Vinyl Reissue
Burgûli | Odi Des De La Fi Del Món EP
Butcher Babies | Eye For An Eye…
Butcher Babies | …’Till The World’s Blind
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Joachim Carr | Numinosum
Daniel Carter, Leo Genovese, William Parker, Francisco Mela | Shine Hear
Cer10 | Nighttime July Vibes
Chloe Chaidez | Hi I’m Chloe Chaidez
Chepang | Swatta
Cherise | Calling
Christoughfur & Foliage | Last Drop Liquor EP
Christ Rising | The Eternal Winds of Hoarfrost
Ciel | Make It Better EP
Circuit Circuit | Body Songs
Circuit Diagram | Werkschau
Citizen Cope | The Victory March
Sonny Clark Trio | Sonny Clark Trio Reissue
Renato Cohen | Sunlight / Alcalina
Conway The Machine | Conway The Machine Presents: Drumwork The Album
Coolio | Long Live Coolio
Liam Corcoran | Hints and Traces
Corgiat | Antropo​-​Amorfo
Crypts | Necropolis
Gus Dapperton | Henge
The Spencer Davis Group | A’s and B’s 1964-1967
Death Cult Electric | How To Spit At Strangers EP
Death Strike | Fuckin’ Death
Deathtroll | Japanese Extreme Metal Art
Niki DeMar | Ruined My Life
Dog Tired | The Red Verse
Amy Douglas | Freak At Night Single
Michael C. Duguay | Saint Maybe
The Dust Coda | Loco Paradise
DWI | Zoo Life
Eat My Butterfly | Dolé
Lydia Eisenblätter | Roots EP
Electric Eels | Spin Age Blasters Reissue
Eternity | Mundicide
Exo | Exist
Eyelar | Mistakes & Contradictions
The Far Outs | The Far Outs
Farsight | El Mago EP
Fen | Monuments to Absence
Feuerschwanz | Fegefeuer
Dominic Fike | Sunburn
The Finks | Birthdays at Solo Pasta
Fit Of Body | Far From The Rhythm
Flamin’ Groovies | Rockin’ At The Roundhouse Reissue
1476 | In Exile
Froglord | Sons Of Froglord
Rory Gallagher | All Around Man: Live in London
Lou Garcia | Karuma
Gateway | Galgendood
Gatos Negros | Hi Score
Teri Gender Bender | Outsiders EP
Dizzy Gillespie | 1961-1964: The Classic Philips Albums
Beverly Glenn-Copeland | Beverly Copeland Reissue
Beverly Glenn-Copeland | Beverly Glenn-Copeland Reissue
Golden Features | Sisyphus
Goldie | Timeless (The Remixes)
Greymouth | Parked Up
Grip | Still (Five & A F*** You)
Grouplove | I Want It All Right Now
Gung | Guh.
Gutslit | Carnal
Laurence Guy | Living Like There’s No Tomorrow, But Killing Yourself In The Process
Stefano Guzzetti | Letters from Nowhere: Piano Book Volume Three
PJ Harvey | I Inside The Old Year Dying
Oliver Ho | V​-​Series: Colours For The Blind
Delilah Holliday | Invaluable Vol​.​ 1
KennyHoopla | Blink & You’ll Miss It EP
Hot Tuna | 3
Shoko Igarashi | Project Tenori
Dami Im | In Between
Impure Wilhelmina | I Can​’​t Believe I Was Born In July Remastered
InHappy | Love Away
Irama & Rkomi | No Stress
Marty Isenberg | The Way I Feel Inside
Itchy | Dive
Janet Jackson | janet. Deluxe Edition
Jeanines | Each Day / What The Echoes Say / Tilt In Your Eye
JohannesK | Is The Tree Dead?
Greg Joseph | Drop The Rock
Junior Mint Prince | I Saw Freak Joy
Kaisa’s Machine | Taking Shape
Mari Kalkun | Stories of Stonia
Karma Glider | Future Fiction
Downtown Kayoto | Learning in Public EP
Tom Keifer | -Rise+ Vinyl Reissue
Dro Kenji | Wish You Were Here
Kikimora | For A Broken Dime
Kimortal | Shoebox EP
Astra King | First Love
Kita | Ceramica
K-Lone | Swells
Florian Kupfer | Lifetrax II
Minhwi Lee | Borrowed Tongue
L​.​F​.​T. | Hollow Head (The Hacker Remix)
Lifeguard | Crowd Can Talk / Dressed in Trenches
Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen | Es Ist Immer Sommer Irgendwo
Max Light and Julian Shore | Duo
Lil Benadryl | Southern Mix
Lil Skies | How Things Go
Little Dragon | Slugs Of Love
Gustaf Ljunggren / Emil de Waal | Stockholm K​ø​benhavn
Local Natives | Time Will Wait For No One
Lockjaw | Relentless
Longings | Dreams In Red
Carl Lord | Rest
Alice Phoebe Lou | Shelter
Anna Luisa | All Time Stop Now
Kaisa Maensivu | Taking Shape
Olivia Maisel | A Moment in Time
Mama Terra | The Summoned
Eve Maret | New Noise
Martyr Group | Non​-​Bloody Martyrdom
MaXIon | Curvatures
Drew McDowall | Lamina
Melonyx | Soul Glow
Me Lost Me | RPG
Midwxst | Pretty Girls
The Mighty Bard | Beyond The Gate
Miles Miller | Solid Gold
Misogi | Escape Artist
MLRU | Verano
Hank Mobley | A Caddy For Daddy Reissue
Lauren Monroe | Brave
MoreNight | Traction On The Dirt EP
Olec Mün | While
James Murray | Ascensión por Chimo Pérez
Never Broke Again | Presents Green Flag Activity Vol. 2
Noble Oak | When It Finds You
Nothing But Thieves | Dead Club City
Yann Novak | The Voice of Theseus
Odissey | Pa Flipe
Jim O’Rourke | Hands That Bind Soundtrack
Arthur Oskan | Generation Loss
Sara Oswald & Feldermelder | Dual | Duel
Graham Parker | We Did Nothing Single
The Parlophonics | Dying Of The Light
The Particles | 1980s Bubblegum
Peace Flag Ensemble | Astral Plains
Penguin Cafe | Rain Before Seven​.​.​.
Clyde Petersen | Your Heart Breaks
Andre Pettipas & The Giants | Under Control
Philthy Rich | Federal Indictment
The Pigeon Detectives | TV Show
Pigeon Wigs | Rock By Numbers
The Pink Spiders | Freakazoid
Pitbull | Trackhouse
Present Electric | Present Electric
Amelia Presley | Coyote Howl EP
Ray Price | Four Classic Albums Plus
Projexx | Grim Mixtape: Vol. 2
Rare Americans | Strawberries: The Story of Jongo Bongo Act III
The Raven Age | Blood Omen
Frank Ray | Frank Ray
ReMark ★ | Destined To Fall
Resounding Maybes | Murder Mittens
Rockin’ Engine | Alerted By Evil
Raquel Rodriguez | Undone (Dave Lee’s Disco Blend)
Emma Ruth Rundle | Live at Roadburn 2022
Sad Park | No More Sound
Saloli | Canyon
Garrett Saracho | En Medio Vinyl Reissue
Say Lou Lou | You’re the One
Scam Musial | Scam Musial: Rec Riddles And Capo
The Scars In Pneuma | Woebegone, Raised by Wolves
Serpent Moon | Lily Of The Valley
Servant | Aetas Ascensus
Shabazz The Disciple / Freestyle | Celestial Souljahz
Crisis Sigil | God Cum Poltergueist
The Slingers | Sentimentalism
Solstein | Solstein
Souza & Turquoisedeath | Perfect Timing
Chris Stamey | The Great Escape
Stevan | Loners Club
Nita Strauss | The Call Of The Void
Suede | Suede 30th Anniversary Edition
AJ Suede | Ark Flashington
Sweet Gloom | Reverie
Taylor Swift | Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)
C.Tappin | Change
Taxi Girls | Coming Up Roses
Annie Taylor | Inner Smile
Thala | In Theory Depression
Thra | Forged in Chaotic Spew
The Titillators | That’s The Night
Tombstone Poetry x Wulven | The Pressure Splits Us Apart
Tomorrow x Together | Do It Like That
Tony Boy | Umile
Mel Tormé | Four Classic Albums
Tortured | Genetically Engineered Monstrosity
Lý Trang | Syenite
Joey Trap | Ruff Ryder 2
Treeboy & Arc | Natural Habitat
Trevor’s Everywhere | Cataclysm
Truth Decayed | Faded Visions II
12Rods | If We Stayed Alive
Twombly | Flame
Ultravox | Quartet Deluxe Edition
Unloved | Killing Eve’r: Ode To The Lovers
Unpleasantries | Unpleasantries
Chris Urriola | Illustrator EP
Various Artists | Asteroid City Soundtrack
Various Artists | Club Coco ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound of Now
Various Artists | The Endless Coloured Ways: Songs Of Nick Drake
Various Artists | Floki Sessions: Boots In Place
Violet Mist | Fading Light
Voidmilker | Labyrinthical
Vomit Forth | Seething Malevolence
Michael Weinblatt | Yes, That Is.
Matt Weston | Embrace This Twilight
Wham! | Wham! The Singles: Echoes From The Edge Of Heaven
Widow’s Peak | Claustrophobe
Will Haven | VII
Withering Scorn | Prophets Of Demise
Wizard Master | Ablanathanalba
Wristwatch | II
Xades | Qlu EP
Yawning Balch | Volume One
Yeat | LyfëStyle
Yellowcard | Childhood Eyes EP
Khris Yoki Tunes | Before Rabbit Girls
Your Heart Breaks | The Wrack Line
Nicole Zuraitis | How Love Begins
Hans Zimmer | The Last Samurai Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue

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