Tinnitist TV | Episode 107: Eli “Paperboy” Reed

The retro singer-songwriter talks cover tunes, musical pilgrimages & much more.

Eli “Paperboy” Reed always delivers. Even when it’s yesterday’s news.

Look no further than the retro singer and songwriter’s latest album Hits And Misses: The Singles. As you might expect, it’s a compilation. But it’s not a best-of — it’s a collection of rarities, covers and other songs that fell between the cracks of his career and catalogue. Many of them — including fantastic versions of classics by Steely Dan, Merle Haggard, Bob Dylan and his must-hear revamp of Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades — are as good as anything he’s ever done. Along with other tracks recorded in legendary studios with iconic musicians, they offer a great on-ramp to his near two-decade career. Just before Hits And Misses arrived, Reed Zoomed in from his Brooklyn home to discuss musical pilgrimages, how he hears songs, his jaw-dropping voice and plenty more. Enjoy.



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