Kyle Haze Comes Face To Face With His Shadows

The Toronto musician explores the emotions of solitude in his new single.

Kyle Haze spends some quality time alone in the dark on his new single and video My Shadows — showcasing on Tinnitist.

“My mind’s a mess but my heart is wise,” a line from the Toronto musician’s latest track, captures how most of the world felt during the COVID pandemic lockdown. But it was during these slow days and long nights confined within the walls of his apartment that the emerging guitarist and songwriter was able to channel those emotions into an introspective track that explores themes of post heartbreak denial, solitude and melancholia.

My Shadows is a glimpse into a personal journey, an exploration of emotions during a time of solitude and reflection; feelings that should resonate with anyone who’s experienced the complex facets of love and loss amidst the unique circumstances of a pandemic lockdown,” Haze says.

Influenced by everyone from Radiohead and Tame Impala to Iron Maiden and Porcupine Tree, Haze has previously released songs within the progressive genre, but My Shadows takes on the essence of a more indie ballad. The track also features Toronto singer-songwriter Sunny U, whose delicate vocals add a nostalgic touch to the introspective song.

The talented duo practised the melody on a ledge near the Bloor and Yonge railway station and recorded at MH Studios with recording engineer Lukas Guyader. The bass was played and recorded by Montreal’s Hayden Farrar and the song was mixed and mastered by Luke Fair.

Watch the video for My Shadows above, hear more from Kyle Haze below, and catch up with him on his website and Instagram.


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