Econoline Crush Desperately Wish You Weren’t Locked In Your Stone

Frontman & founder Trevor Hurst copes with grief in his band's new single & video.

Econoline Crush’s Trevor Hurst rips open his heart on the band’s moody, grief-fuelled new single and video Locked In Your Stone — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

In March 2022, the Canadian rock band’s guitarist David “Ziggy” Sigmund died. Hurst learned of his close friend’s passing over the phone 15 minutes before he was to leave to listen to the final mixes of Econoline Crush’s upcoming album When The Devil Drives, in which Sigmund had a hand.

The news broke Hurst. In the months leading up to his death, Sigmund had withdrawn himself from those close to him to avoid physical and emotional pain associated with his struggles, Hurst explained. The musician said he and Sigmund were as close as brothers, and the loss consumed him with a range of emotions. “Ziggy’s death caused me to reevaluate my own personal struggles,” Hurst said. “I was angry that he was gone. I felt abandoned and lost with no relief in sight.”

He turned to the coping tool he had learned that treats him best: music. From that pain, Locked In Your Stone was molded. “It served as an outlet, a way to express my sadness and my frustration,” Hurst explained. “Recording it after his death allowed me to unload some of my emotional baggage and move forward. The music for Locked In Your Stone felt like it was meant as the outlet for my grief.”

In Locked In Your Stone, Hurst bares his soul out over smooth, moody synths that simultaneously convey sadness, desperation, and confusion. The instrumentals came from fragments of songs left unfinished, pieced together by Hurst and Ian Alexander Smith, the former frontman for Miniatures who produced When The Devil Drives, Econoline Crush’s first album in more than a decade. The lyrics just flowed, Hurst said, the complex cocktail of emotions pouring onto the page.

“ ‘You won’t open the door. Hold on,’ signified my frustration, my desperation, my inability to reach him,” Hurst explained. “ ‘The thought of your insanity complicit with this tragedy’ reflects my perceived guilt that even with all my training as a psychiatric nurse, I was unable to reach him. ‘So over life and all the hype. You took your toys and quit’ represents my frustration and anger at him for falling victim to addiction and self-loathing.”

The track is part of the band’s resurgence three decades after they formed in Vancouver in 1992. Econoline Crush signed with EMI Music Canada in ’94, debuting that year with the EP Purge. The groundbreaking band, who fused industrial music with rock at a time when keyboards were typically used in pop, followed it up with the full-length Affliction in 1996, and their platinum-selling 1997 breakthrough The Devil You Know. 2001’s Brand New History was their final album for EMI. The band returned with the album Ignite in 2008, followed by the EP The People Have Spoken, Vol. 1, in 2011. Their newest album represents their comeback and is also paired with the documentary film Flatlander, about Manitoba rocker Hurst’s second career as a psychiatric nurse, which will come out in 2024.

More than 30 years after Econoline Crush’s start, Hurst is its last original member. Many have come through the band in its almost three decades of operation, but few left the impact of Sigmund, who first joined in 1996, stayed until the initial breakup in 2002, then returned in 2010 until his death in 2022. Music is what brought Hurst and Sigmund together in the first place, and music is what Hurst intends to continue their relationship even as half of their duo walks elsewhere.

“Music is what connected Ziggy and I in life, and music is what continues to keep us connected after his death,” he said. “Locked In Your Stone is the song that captures my grief and frustration, but in doing so, helps me release my pain and begin to heal.”

Watch the video for Locked In Your Stone above, check out more from Econoline Crush and see their tour dates below, and get on board on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Econoline Crush Tour Dates

Oct. 27 | Sudbury, Townhouse
Oct 28 | London, Music Hall
Nov. 2 | St. Catharines, Warehouse
Nov. 3 | Hamilton, Corktown
Nov. 4 | Kitchener, Hub
Nov. 8 | Sarnia, Imperial Theatre
Nov. 9 | Toronto, Lee’s Palace
Nov. 10 | Oshawa, Biltmore
Nov. 14 | Montreal, Bar Le Ritz
Nov. 15 | Quebec City, Le Anti
Nov. 17 | Thunder Bay, eVents
Nov. 18 | Winnipeg, Park Theatre


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